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[Campaign Setup] Reinstate the early game assault waves?

I remember fondly when starting the campaign meant getting ready for the sinners luck and a riverhome to come knocking on your door within the next few in-game hours.

It gave a fight to look out for, a neat challenge to construct good early game vessels, and a change to kickstart your warmachine by capturing one of the larger vessels.

in the good olde days, the airship gantries would all relentlessly hurl morays your way as a rite of passage.

the Deep water guard is one of my favourite factions to fight, and has Always been - due in large part to the cheer characteristics of their designs; From their derpy beginnings to the modern 2.x age. but these days, it's just less of a thrill.

I don't know if I'm the only one in this; but I'd love if some smaller and larger starting waves threaten you the moment war erupts, rather than the start of the war … just, you know. sort of happening.

there is much room in neter to add similar fun challenging spawns and things to other factions too. Maybe the devs could look into that too? The deepwater guard has Always felt the most "alive" of factions. I think it'd be great if the devs could get that feeling into fighting the other factions too?

Regardless, whenever a new version comes up, instating the starting assaults is the first thing I do in the campaign editor.
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[Campaign Setup] Reinstate the early game assault waves? - by Carolus Magnus - 2018-06-16, 01:28 PM

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