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Competent Plane tips?

I've been trying for the past week to make a decent micro plane (no more than 5000 resources) that can beat an XF-04 Hake, i cant seem to find what makes my planes bad and the hakes so good in comparison, for example the hake seems to be able to shoot missiles at incredible speed and range, but my planes in comparison shoot missiles that are slow, do little damage and hit ten times less, so the question is, what are some basic things, like a plane build checklist, that make planes more decent?

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.blueprint   Harraser.blueprint (Size: 39.05 KB / Downloads: 11)
.blueprint   Microswarmer.blueprint (Size: 37.46 KB / Downloads: 8)

This one can so far about 50% of the time or more. But I do not think its what your asking for. Looking over your jets now.

3 test runs each the harraser won one match by ramming him, and both died so guess thats a tie.

Micros won 2/3 matches which in its self is pretty good.

What makes hake good are 3 major features:

1)Drag less wings and tails allow it to provide turning force with out any drag.

2) Big sin wave movement makes it really hard in this game for missiles and aps to hit you especially at a distance.

3) Missile interceptor flares off the rear that catch the few missiles that get close.

I will look into it more when I get back home, problem is most the vehicles i have on hand right now are experimental or are designed for air to ground support.

4) I know i said 3 but this one is a great feature as well: Lots of armor coating.

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.blueprint   TinyTim.blueprint (Size: 79.78 KB / Downloads: 12)

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