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Balao Class Submarine with full interior

This is a replica of the Balao Class, easily one of the best submarines during the second world war. So there are no surprises it's manually operated. No worries though, it's pretty easy to use. everything you need is in the conning tower (to get there, hit \ to phase into the ladder, then at the highest/lowest point, move straight away then hit \ again to lock back onto the sub)in the back left facing up is the PID which controls depth. punch in the depth you want then make sure that it is set to that test stimulus. on the right side of the periscope is an ACB which controls the angle of the sub. in the very front right is and ACB which controls the periscope height, and ovcorse right above that is a monitor so that you can use the periscope. the only system I can think of that would be of any concern is an acb in the back left of the engine control room (2nd room from back) which controls what percentage of the engines power is charging the batteries. It is automatically set to 100 so your engines are always charging the batteries when they are on. Oh, yeah, your engines turn off automatically when the sub dives. That's how it works in real life with diesel subs so that's how it works here. oh, and did I mention it has full interior? yeah, thats full with two L's, that's kinda why I put "FULL INTERIOR" in the title. She comes in the relatively standard Measure 32/3ssb camo (black and grey) that many US fleet subs had mid war. however if your like me and are a huge fan of the infamous USS Tang which held a Measure 32/9ssb camo (all back) just edit color 15 to match color 1, unfortunately you will also have to repaint the periscope piston, front hydrofoils, 5 inch gun barrel to match as they are stupid and don't change. (also make sure you switch to one barrel then back to two on the 40mm as it's also stupid #thanksnick #jk #FtDismyfav). I'll include a deck plan for a guppy conversion of the Gato which will give you a pretty good understanding of what your looking at (and then everyone starts ripping on the fact that the officers quarters aren't perfectly set up).

Btw, if you want to improve your FtD skills, meta or replicas, check out the FtD United Builders Discord. -->

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.blueprint   Balao_Class Tang.blueprint (Size: 181.24 KB / Downloads: 42)
.blueprint   Balao_Class.blueprint (Size: 181 KB / Downloads: 36)

The USS tang is all black while the other is black and grey

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