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Friendly Craft Reviews!

I stole the processors from an old craft. Should probably cut the number down because those devour materials.
I make meta stuff but it's pretty


Can someone judge the 2 ships i made?

1. Patrol Boat


1x 6*100 minigun firing HESH

14x 6-long frag+EMP missiles

Cost: 16K

.blueprint   Patrol Boat .blueprint (Size: 76.42 KB / Downloads: 4)

2. Lunar Frigate

2x 6*100 minigun firing HESH(same as first)

22x 6-long frag+EMP missiles (same as first)

4Q LAMS (can destroy some missiles and shells, but not all.)

Strength 3 shields

Cost: 80K (kinda expensive)

.blueprint   Lunar Frigate.blueprint (Size: 135.49 KB / Downloads: 5)

(2018-06-15, 10:12 AM)Karnivool Wrote: my most recent airship. Would love some critiques need to improve the combat effectivnes of my ships.

Basilisk (Karnivool)

- Hovering forward-facing airship, Gray Talon/Scarlet Dawn style.
- Material cost of 305,539.
- Named for big scary thruster eyeballs?

- Naga (BorderWise): Loss.
- Bulwark (Onyx Watch, Godly): Loss.
- Desecrator (White Flayers, Godly): Loss.
- Kobold (Gray Talons, Godly): Loss.
- Bullshark (Steel Striders, Godly): Win.

- Very aesthetically pleasing.
- Tough - thick armour.
- Big pulse laser.
- Big HP/HE shells in frontal guns.
- Ammo ejectors.
- Secondary APS turrets.
- Torpedoes.
- EMP missiles.
- Fast, even in full reverse: +20m/s at full speed.
- Hovers 2000m away from the target.
- Rock-steady PID.

- Nose isn't as tough as other front-fire airships are - tends take damage quickly.
- Not dodgy - once at 2000m, it stays still and can be hit by APS and CRAMS fairly easily.
- Tends to smoke up its own LAMS due to nodes being at bottom of main detection mast.
- APS secondaries mostly decorative - have limited arc of fire from the front.
- Secondaries and laser not set to target small fast craft - vulnerable to suicide craft like Bloodshots and ICBMs.
- Tends to shoot itself with its main cannons.
- Detection systems and repair bots exposed - out on the sides and right on the nose = prime place to get shot.
- LAMS adequate rather than strong - struggles with heavy missile volleys and large CRAM shells.

- Armour up the nose, maybe offset the laser to one side.
- Ease up the range limit - have it continually move back and forth between 2000-1800m, making slower shells overshoot.
- Set the laser + secondaries to prioritize close, small and fast targets to swat suicide craft and other small flyers.
- Lengthen the barrels of the main guns and tighten up the failsafes to prevent self harm.
- Armour up the detection systems on the side and tuck the repair bots somewhere safer.

A beautiful airship that isn't really ready to fight opponents in its own material-weight class yet.
CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.

thanks for the review. It has shields but i forgot about dev version. ACB's are different and if you spawn a dev test ship into the normal game all the acb's are blank including the one that turns on shields. will be fixing the other things though.

(2018-06-16, 05:07 AM)Bobert Wrote: Here is another one. Bigger than all others, it flies, and more Dakka.
Of course i had to name it after a flying squid. Todarodes. Thats a hard one.
Also i felt like you were not doing a correct evaluation of the speed of my previous craft, so i made sure there was no confusion about this one.Wink

Sorry it took so long for me to get round to this one. Life happened... >_>

Todarodes (Bobert)

- Fast orbiting anti-surface hovercraft/helicopter/airship/flying-squid-thing.
- Material cost of 276,134.

- Raktabija-W (BorderWise): Win
- Schnellerdrache (BorderWise): Loss, but good showing.
- Asphodel (Steel Striders, Godly): Win
- Scorpion (Lightning Hoods, Godly): Loss.
- Titan (Twin Guard, Godly): Loss.

- Looks great - stands out from other craft.
- Very fast - 90-100m/s.
- Orbits at long range.
- Well armed - x4 450mm Hollow-point frag guns, long-range missiles, torps.
- Good LAMS.
- Well armoured - lots of stacked alloy.

- Turbines exposed and vulnerable to frag/flak/HE.
- Custom jets exposed.
- Occasionally shoots itself with its own guns.
- Less effective against craft at a higher elevation.
- Eats materials for ammunition + low resource storage.
- Eats through fuel as well - thirsty custom jets.
- Enclosed turning thrusters - power inefficent.
- Frag guns ineffective against craft with multi-layered shields.
- No ejectors or internal turret armouring - when the main guns go up, they take a lot of the ship with them.
- No laser defenses - easily destroyed by laser-using vehicles.
- Can be made more aerodynamic - custom jets don't need to be exposed.
- Vulnerable to being hit from above, especially for the turrets.

- Cover the turbines, if only because dediblades are expensive to repair.
- Firing restrictions on firing pieces and turrets to prevent (un)friendly fire.
- Higher altitude for improved evasion and better offence against flying targets.
- More material storage/less reliance on ammo processors.
- Continuous LAMS would be better against missile swarms - movement is fast enough that APS and CRAMS aren't an issue.
- Laser-absorbing shields (too fast for smoke).
- More slopes around the jets for even more speed!
- Internal turret armouring - doesn't really need it, but it might be a good idea in case of fast HEAT shells.

Great looking and performing airship/flying squid. Needs only a few tweaks. Big Grin
CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.

thanks for the review and i think we all understand that life happens and it takes precedence over a review that only ~10 people even see.

(2018-06-16, 06:32 PM)XenoDragon Wrote: Hercules class land cruiser.

Hercules Class Land Cruiser (XenoDragon)

- Thrustercraft cunningly disguised as a walker. Wink
- Material cost of 366,980.

- x2 Tremor (Dustwind Gypsies): Win.
- Rhino (Onyx Watch): Win.
- x3 Beholder (White Flayers): Win. Major style points for running over two of them while shooting the third. XD
- x3 Relentless (Steel Empire): Win.
- x3 Wadjet (BorderWise): Loss.
- x3 Ampithere (BorderWise): Loss, but good showing. Fight lasted until she ran out of material and fuel.

- Very good looking, more bits and pieces than can be possibly be listed here. Looks like something straight out of Supreme Commander. Nice legs in particular.
- Deployable ramp to help slow down when enemies are not present.
- x6 2000mm HE/frag/pen-depth CRAMs in fore and aft turrets.
- Chin-mounted 200mm HESH/Frag/Smoke APS gun.
- Strong, compact continuous LAMS system - can deal with missiles, CRAMS and large APS shell volleys.
- Good target prioritization settings - aims for sensible CRAM targets.
- Fast - +40m/s.
- Ram & rubber feet means that it handles rough terrain pretty well.
- Foot-rams make a decent secondary weapon, should it accidentally run over an enemy vehicle.
- Good shield coverage.
- Shield-covered legs make great ablative armour - HA core covered by metal means they take a huge amount of fire before they snap off.
- Stable - can survive having legs shot off.
- Layered metal, stone and wood spalliner and air gaps - tough and resistant to EMP, HEAT and HESH.
- Stone-wrapped AI, ammo wrapped in stone and HA armour.
- Surge protectors in the turrets - protects explosive pellets from EMP (which I didn't even know that they were vulnerable to).
- Powerful and efficent fuel and steam engines.
- Due to weapon type and position, weak against fast-moving and high-altitude opponents.
- Jitters a bit when standing still.

- No internal turret armouring - if legs get blown off, turrets and main hull are potentially vulnerable to HEAT and HESH.
- Needs to be spawned in quite carefully, or the legs/ramp get damaged by merging with the ground.
- Lacks good shield-busting capablities. CRAMS are NOT automatic shield-breakers, no matter what people keep saying...
- Quite tall - CRAM barrels aim through the hull at close range and cannot fire.
- Can burn through materials a bit for power and repairs.
- No smoke/laser-absorbing shields - gets torn apart by laser craft.
- Despite efficent fuel engines, burns through fuel quite quickly and doesn't store much for a craft of its size and cost.
- Relies on material-hungry ammo processors rather than large ammo storage.
- Doesn't need battery power for anything (until the proposed shield update).
- Aesthetic portholes tend to let explosions in... straight into the frontal LAMS backline.

- Tail-mounted secondary gun for swatting any flies chasing it, e.g. Copperheads, ICBMs, etc.
- Smoke, kept away from the LAMS nodes.
- Could replace HE on the smoke gun for sabotfor more speed as opposed to damage.
- Could use a few more shields on its rear, to prevent APS (particularly frag guns) shredding it from behind.
- EMP missiles or Disruptor APS secondaries to assist in taking down shields.
- Rams further up the legs to assist with stomping on vehicles that it runs into and flips over.
- Longer CRAM barrels to assist in shooting things up close. Sounds weird, but it works.
- More fuel, more ammo, assuming there's room to jam it in.
- Plug the holes.
- Perhaps doesn't need expensive particle cannon tubing as decoration - expensive to repair on the outside, doesn't get seen on the inside.

A very well-built, very good-looking and well-imagined craft. A Weird and Wonderful candidate for sure!
CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.

This should be good for a laugh. Its an old Budkai Rainmaker that was modified a bit over time, but which hasn't been touched for quite a while. Just now, I modified it just enough to at least function to some degree (its last update was before the current engine exhaust and detection systems and such, so I figured I should at least do that much).

Suffice to say, it probably has most of the hallmarks of a "dude, just build a new ship already" ship.

Dare I ask: "what suggestions would one have to modernize this thing?"

...I'll also throw in a (much less dysfunctional) modded Budkai Seaturtle (aircraft) too, in case you want to instead review something that actually has been updated properly to at least some extent (and/or something that actually has pros to list). Even now its actually a lot better at being a fighter then its appearance says it has any right being.

The originals of both were made by Budkai some number of years ago, and I had basically been keeping them around as nostalgia and modifying them whenever they stopped working and such.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Budkai_Rainmaker_Retrofit.blueprint (Size: 305.37 KB / Downloads: 7)
.blueprint   0Budkai_Plane_SeaTurtle.blueprint (Size: 60.64 KB / Downloads: 8)
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

I just finished this so it has massive room for improvement.
[Image: 9yjoc8Q.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Eversor.blueprint (Size: 158.87 KB / Downloads: 10)
I build for building not efficiency, just add more cannons an it will work

review this please

spawn it a few meters in the air.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Tornado_.blueprint (Size: 185.17 KB / Downloads: 12)

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