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Friendly Craft Reviews!

Although i got myself on the list barely, it would still be nice to get faster feedback on this:
Also i shaved the barrels down to 4m because they were shooting eachother and i wanted to have a larger firing angle because naval AI is trash.

[edit] will also be looking forward to checking out others' craft, the ones already here look pretty awesome!

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(2018-06-14, 08:27 AM)benzo711 Wrote: This is cool, but I will miss the videos.

Hey now, there's still 34 of those videos to come. Smile
CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.

(2018-06-14, 03:39 AM)MizarLuke Wrote: Here's a small hovercraft, meant for DWG and early OW. I don't expect it to do well against anything at all WF or LH. It may do alright against some small GT or SS, but DWG and OW are the goal.

4x CRAMs, 6x simple lasers, 60ishm/s, 50m altitude and 30k cost. No ammo processors, but quite inefficient fuel engine.

Arrogant Class Semi-Armored Hovercraft (MizarLuke)

- Fast orbiting starter hovercraft.
- Exactly 30k material cost, CRAMS are exactly 1000mm... very exact measurements all around.

- Plunderer (Deepwater Guard, Godly): Loss
- Pilferer (Deepwater Guard, Expert): Win
- Jormangand (Onyx Watch, Expert): Loss
- Wintersday (Onyx Watch, Regular): Win
- Tigershark (Steel Striders, Regular): Loss

- Super tight PID settings.
- x4 1000mm CRAM turrets.
- Good Awellner-seal-of-approval CRAM tetris.
- x6 Simple Lasers in 2 turrets.
- Cheap.
- Very hard to hit once up close.
- Has balloons in case it gets shot down.

- Broadside range very short: gets hammered when closing in.
- Short range out of neccessity: all weapons only effective at short range.
- Mostly made of wood: not very durable under sustained fire.
- Simple lasers have very narrow angle of fire.
- Relies on repairs for survivability, which consumes a lot of material.
- Vulnerable to missiles.

- Higher gauge CRAMS - more power/accuracy per shot > rate of fire.
- Missile countermeasures (flares + radar decoys).

A solid starter craft that isn't any more arrogant than it should be. Big Grin
CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.

Thanks for the review. I've noticed that the closing time is the biggest weakness. When I fought it against a Prowler Elite, it lost the front gun and took sizable damage on the approach, but took almost nothing after. However, in the campaign, I can typically spawn it close enough for it to be a non-issue. That version is the mid-ground between an all-metal and an almost all-wood, made for Aner Dyfan's community playthrough (material limit 30k). I always use 1000mm (can't help but lose 3mm for a nice number), 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 800mm, or 2000mm. Ocasionally I'll use things like 1350 if there's no more room, but almost always good, solid numbers. I haven't noticed the repairs being too bad, but it probably depends greatly on the enemy type. I assume missiles and sabot will damage it pretty quick. CRAMs aren't a major concern. I may add flares, since it is so simple and cheap and will save me a lot of damage.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

(2018-06-14, 07:04 AM)Bobert Wrote: Just my Humboldt, but improved.
Really just more Dakka and armour at certain points.
I'm not amazing at FtD yet, but who is, and need help finding errors and things that need improvement.

Humboldt V2 (Bobert)

- Tanky combined-arms brawler ship.
- Material cost: 222,205
- Cockpit/superstructure on inactive piston for some reason.
- Testing took a LONG time 'cos of how bloody tough this craft is. -_-

- Iron Scylla (BorderWise): Loss, but good showing.
- Iron Cordon (Onyx Watch, Godly): Win
- Iron Wolf (Gray Talons, Expert): Win
- Dark Star (Scarlet Dawn, Godly): Win
- Scorpion (Lightning Hoods, Godly): Loss, but good showing.

- Unique and interesting hull shape, reminiscent of the squid it gets its name from.
- HUGE torpedo volley, and they are fast enough to catch targets that usually outpace torps.
- x4 350mm HESH/HE and x2 166mm frag guns
- Missiles!
- Fast - roughly 20m/s.
- Well armoured with layered spaced metal.
- Strong anti-CRAM LAMS.
- Strong shielding.
- Heavily armoured ammo compartment at the stern for aim-point spoofing.
- Erratic movement makes it reasonably dodgy.
- Good repair rate.
- Well fortified Heavy Armour AI and ammo compartments.
- Powerful yet efficent engine.

- Guns tall and exposed on the deck: tend to get damaged quickly.
- Frag turrets have VERY skinny necks - turret caps get severed very easily.
- Central LAMS stick quite skinny: risks getting blown off.
- Bulk of anti-surface firepower is the torpedoes, thus has trouble with craft highly resistant to torpedoes.
- Vulnerable when retreating - makes shots on the ammo compartment easy.
- Ammo right behind the propellers, so they tend to get shot off.
- Shields hug the hull close - vulnerable to big explosions.
- Repair bots and shields touch metal directly - EMP vulnerability.
- Slow shells - vulnerable to strong LAMS and fast craft.
- Lacks smoke, so vulnerable to laser-armed craft.
- Torpedo volleys not widely staggered, so torp explosions knock each other off target.

- Sturdier LAMS stick.
- Smoke guns to shut down enemy LAMS and provide an opening for the torpedoes.
- Laser warners + smoke emitters for laser defense.
- Remove minimum broadside distance as to maintain constant orbit.
- Faster shells.
- Longer range shields.
- Reinforced turret necks for the frag guns.

An extraordinarily tough and interesting design. Needs to start smoking and quit running away. Big Grin
CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.

My latest ship, a cruiser, was recently posted, but hasn't got much recognition. Here's the ship:
[Image: KqeTrrk.jpg]

It was originally designed to fight most WF designs reliably, but it has far surpassed my expectations; it can potentially 0-death a Moray.

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.blueprint   Nova.blueprint (Size: 688.47 KB / Downloads: 12)

I actually like text analysis form of the unit instead a long video - that could be reserved for your campaign.
But all is well, I'm glad that you began to communcate on the forums, BorderWise (may I draw artistic conclusions about it?).

I would be interested in the starter unit analysis in this YT neter campaign, you can omit the video review of Ratatoa if you wish (was sent to you at the beginning of your series):
It's the only unit in the zip.

More in-depth info is on the link, things I would like to mention:
-usual problem with subvehicle spawner forgetting it's settings till you manually readjust
-start without resource ring bordering WF/OW/DWG for the player able to choose who to attack, dwg timed war is removed
-one point was to provide an easier start, hope the material amount isn't too much balancewise
-other point was to provide adventure mode-ish experience, because after the first plane I began to consider it boring, a few encounters, long time in-between
-third one is achieved I thing (clear weather, bright nights) but that doesn't matter for this unit-analysis
-fourth one is that it must be save-compatible with original neter campaign, so it wouldn't need a playthru restart - that's a success

Aside that I like only partial shielding and use as less energy as I can, the unit is supposed be a starter moving base, and intentionally doesn't try to acieve perfection, like other starting bases in campaigns.
The player can scrap and convert it's resources which is a lot more than usual starting amount - but you don't have any resource rings available to balance that, so must kill for resource till you rearch one (WF limited to east, some OW on west, and the original PC unlimited starting one to further south).
Spawn it in around 2 kilometers away.

Thank you.

[Image: AB53BB24F6D0CCA70B5FA0A6573E57CE74A9B2A9]
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]

(2018-06-15, 08:36 AM)Normal69 Wrote: I actually like text analysis form of the unit instead a long video - that could be reserved for your campaign.
But all is well, I'm glad that you began to communcate on the forums, BorderWise (may I draw artistic conclusions about it?).

Good to hear! Yes, artistic reviews will be welcome, because aesthetics is definitely not my strong point. Smile
CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.

my most recent airship. Would love some critiques need to improve the combat effectivnes of my ships.
[Image: 011P0jk.jpg]

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.blueprint   Basilisk.blueprint (Size: 612.11 KB / Downloads: 10)

Here is another one. Bigger than all others, it flies, and more Dakka.
Of course i had to name it after a flying squid. Todarodes. Thats a hard one.
Also i felt like you were not doing a correct evaluation of the speed of my previous craft, so i made sure there was no confusion about this one.Wink

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.blueprint   Todarodes.blueprint (Size: 494.09 KB / Downloads: 12)

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