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Idea by mr Shadow Onion on steam fora

And I dot quote:

"Crystal growth farm and smelter functionality
Since the update in which the indevidual resource pools (such as wood and metal) were replaced with the overall resource pool the crystal growth farm and scrap smelters have been useless. However I have an idea in which they can be made useful in a relatively balanced way.

Scrap smelter = You could make it so when these are built inside limited resource zones they allow more resources to be harvested from said zone at the expense of speed and and fuel.

Crystal growth farm = Make it so the growth farm can generate a extremely small amount of resource in exchange for electrical energy."

- Mr Shadow Onion, suggestions subforum on steam

I could live with this!

I would also propose a change that would see a difference between raw material and refined material.

for example, refineries use raw material to make fuel, crystal farms use energy to make refined material, smelters use up some raw material to provide refined materials and energy (heat recuperation), boilers burn raw materials to energy directly, ...

specific assembly lines could be set up to turn raw material into refined material.

In general, anything to make the economic side a little more relevant again in the game.
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