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Prince Valor class destroyer

After a long break from ftd due to lack of inspiration i finally got something and came back to make it.

Armed with something like 70(give or take 5) missiles some emp some normal a ton of torpedoes a 456mm He cannon on the front and a fairly strong laser.
Defenses well it has 3m metal mostly and the shielding covers most of ship some bits are made of alloy some are made of wood but the important spots are well armored and it has a flare system and a laser anti munitions system.
the cost is somewhere over 200k and the volume is 13k
[Image: 2018_06_09_18_02_53.jpg]

Bonus points to anyone who has met an npc named prince valor in an old rpg game.

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.blueprint   Prince Valor Class Destroyer.blueprint (Size: 355.02 KB / Downloads: 8)
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