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June week 1 update

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(2018-06-08, 07:50 PM)Nick Smart Wrote: As promised here's a weekly update for the first week in June.

The new project structure to support a combined code base for FTD and FS is nearly complete. FTD is nearly adjusted to be working again under this new structure. FS is back in pretty much full working order.

We're now working on the following activities that will lead us to the new development build for FTD:
1) Work through the remaining "snags"
2) Finish integrating the new water setup in FTD and customise it to suit the different planets
3) Finish cementing the new graphical options into the game and add options to turn them on and off... as part of this the entire options UI will be overhauled as it's getting cluttered and way past due for a refresh.
4) Re-export all the FTD texture maps with with height/ambient occlusion/normals/colours/metallic/roughness maps to suit the new shaders we are using.

We are quite far through all of these jobs and setting a good pace so I hope in the next weekly update there will be just one or two tasks left unfinished!

Alright awesome man, i'm very excited for the new shaders, I bet it will look amazing Big Grin

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