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[SS] Fitzgerald-class bulk freighter. [85% completion]


After getting the Gordon Lightfoot song 'Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' stuck in my head, I decided to build a 1:1 replica of it in FTD. So I did. So here it is. Eventually we're going to need to move resources, right? Well the Steel Striders are going to need ships to move them in! And why go small, when you can have the Queen of the Lakes? She's 224 meters long, and very closely follows the hull shape and dimensions of the real thing. unfortunately I kinda messed up the superstructure and smokestacks, so it's more of an 'Inspired by' homage than a direct replica.


[Image: f3tA8fXl.jpg]
[Image: 2VrbgaXl.jpg]
[Image: 8VkN6Cfl.jpg]
[Image: szjFPeYl.jpg]
Please help me choose between straight and italic stack.

It's got something-teen thousand blocks and it's actually running quite smoothly on my machine, chugging along at about 3 meters per second. She's incredibly durable and can survive the loss of two cargo holds without problem. Even 3 holds lost, she can still struggle along, but more than that will probably send her down. I'll further flesh out the descriptions and pictures when I have time.

Update: Current V menu:

[Image: QOuPriKl.jpg]


The Fitzgerald Class is a series of super-heavy bulk freighters moving vast quantities of iron ore for the Steel Striders. Named after a famous one-off design that sank in one of Neter's greatest storms, the Fitzgeralds are incredibly durable ships often found under escort by light destroyers and cruisers of the Steel Striders. Though unarmed, these massive vessels are incredibly durable and able to withstand large volumes of firepower. Even the Deepwater Guard don't attack Fitzgerald Class freighters, due to their overwhelming durability.

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