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[FEEDBACK] Improving the map editor for creators

I want to make a Map like a mix of neter and ashes where the World government sits off shore and makes sure that our civil war between the Takam Republic and the Vestran Empire doesnt spread to neighboring lands where there is Ships slugging it out in the straight and Armored Air And Mechanized warfare going on in the city


its not user friendly and the random crayon icons are easily confused the editor likes to just randomly break sometimes and the victory tab is almost useless to new players trying to make a domination victory because there is no explanation

For the Force strength i would like to be able to set a broad default and/or type in the amounts (maybe make it so we can paint brush in the strength numbers

Instead of dual functioning the terrain buttons where you left and right click make small icon buttons at the bottom to choose specifically a tool you want to use and have a clear picture to the button of what it does

have the tools assume you want flat land first instead of this jagged box stuff

make it so changing biomes with the brush doesnt turn them back into broken terrain boxes

the river tool needs a bit of work very tempermental like to move around to slight movements and the river is sometimes too small but trying to make it double width creates this ugly land barrier in between them

Make it so that you cant accidentally delete neter or the fleets or other things in it make it so the in game normal campaigns are unchangeble unless you make a copy of it

a way to revert deleting something if you have (i accidentally deleted the factions and now i have no factions in neter instead of my map

Bug bash a bit with the current feedback you have and one of the instancing tabs soft locked the game with no escape i dont know what i did

an undo button for god sakes please

an easier events and conditions layout more like how the ACB is layed out but with more features like after such time or whatever this will spawn or something so i can make invasions for example

Maybe later a way to add non destructable solid assets like Buildings for decoration so i dont have to use blocks to make buildings and lag up the game just to feel like i accomplished something taking over the Takam Republics City from them and "Liberated their people" Wink
Asus Windows 10 1080P (Decent build quality poor cooling)
i7-7700 3.2 GHZ (Good Enough DO NOT OVERCLOCK)
16GB Crusader RAM (More than enough)
GeForce GTX-1060 3GB (3GB is not enough for large good game-play go with a 1070 8GB Atleast)

If i broke something its not fool proof

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