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APS: "Hold fire until X shells are loaded in" option

Guns can be told to do burst fire, either useful for beltfeds or no-clip loaders, but the distinct disadvantage is that after the initial burst, the gun will usually fail to succesfully do another burst. Instead, the gun fires whatever shell is loaded in, resulting in inconsistent firing patterns.

Therefore, I'd like to propose the following suggestion: To add an option in the APS GUI to hold fire until at least X amount of shells are loaded in. That should make building burst-fire cannons more interesting, and give people who wish to do bursts and then reload a more attractive result.

The same could be done for missiles, which can also suffer from the same problem.
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APS: "Hold fire until X shells are loaded in" option - by Eagle - 2018-06-05, 11:34 AM

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