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Capture Campaign (Capturing and Refitting) Now with some entertaining text and pics!

First Week Newsletter From Emperor Billy

Greetings, citizens of the southwest lands of the pirate lords. I, as your humble but vastly superior supreme emperor, will keep you informed of our glorious armed forces' conquest of the neighboring lands. Due to budget cuts in the army, navy, and air force, we cannot afford new ships, so please, donate today! Until your generous donations given under no sort of duress arive, we've had to just capture our enemies' vessels and improve upon their foolish design. Firstly in this daily newsletter, I'll inform you of our conquests.

Recent Conquests

After my crew captured Pirate Lord Ruger's fortress, we armed and armored it to a satisfactory level, and prepared our first defense.
Starting Fortress: 1x 380mm 20rpm sabot, 1x 4-barreled fixed 200mm frag minigun, 1x 4-barreled 89mm AA and AM timed flak, light shielding and RTG power
We defeated several pathetic attempts at attacking by the other DWG pirate lords, hoping to avenge their fallen comrade, but we demolished their forces with limited difficulty (ignoring the reloads because apparently, if a certain fortress turbine (probably the first placed) is detatched from the rest of the fortress (the entire rest of the fortress), it will remain, but the rest falls off). Two coyotes were captured and quickly refitted to have 3 long-range missiles and a simple laser for point defence. Two Red Tunas were also seized, and they were improved all around, becoming less explosive, more armored, and with slightly stronger weapon systems.

The new task force, dubbed Task Force Green, of the previously mentioned craft, was sent northward to mop up any resistance there and secure a wider front. Welcome to the empire to those on Gregory Island (I'll give some landmarks names) closely to our north. There, we fought two Sunfish, downing both with ease and limited damage. The crew scuttled their wrecks, so we captured nothing but flotsam. The fleet continued expanding north, until it was called back to reinforce the fortress as a Atlas was spotted approaching (The only exception to the capturing only rule is radar, which I will spawn in normally. I'm also not using detection, to reduce the hassle of adjusting every new type of ship I capture). The consolidation of forces was not an action of fear, just precaution, and one or two flak shots downed the Atlas and a Red Tuna captain captured it and was promoted admiral of Task Force Green after the battle.
The Atlas was modernized, with the front CRAM upgraded and the rear replaced with an APS. The mine thrower from older versions of the Atlas was readded. Weak shields and an RTG (RTGs will somewhat reduce the overpoweredness of capturing, as does many of my own restrictions, similar to Lathrix's capturing rules) power core finished the modernization.
A Water Buffalo soon joined our forces from an easy fight, and was refitted with a stronger CRAM, more armor, and a frag minigun mounted amidships.
The fleet was sent back out, now lead by the Water Buffalo, and it encountered a Drake, Shrike, and some smaller ships. The Shrike was downed before it could attempt a bombing run, and the other forces were pacified. A Shuriken was the only prize of this encounter, and it was sent home to recieve a more specific duty, likely as a cargo or resource gathering ship.
The lone Atlas was sent out from Ruger's old fortress, and it quickly encountered a fleet of a Gotha and some small escorts. One lucky CRAM was all it took to blow up the Gotha's right ammo-filled nacelle, which chain-reacted with the clips and other nacelle, disabling it before it even took off. I bravely and fearlessly jumped off the Atlas once the ships were nullified, and destroyed the AI (well done to whoever designed it. The mainframe was the only thing left in the control system, and it was damaged and in places only connected by a door or glass block. Easiest capture I've done), capturing the damaged Gotha, which was sent home.

State of the navy

As of the sending of this edition of the newsletter, our glorious armed forces have captured a 3x2 rectangle, 2 tiles North, 1 East.
Our fleets consist of:
Task Force Green: 1x Water Buffalo, 2x Red Tuna, 2x Coyote
Lone Attack Atlas: 1x Atlas
A Shuriken is on its way to the fortress, and the quickly patchced up Gotha has arrived (see Retrofit Section below) and await a refit.

Current forces:

Starting Fortress:
-weapons: 380mm sabot, 200mm frag, 89mm flak
-defenses: 3 shields, stone and metal reinforcements, disperced ammo, flak doubles as anti-missile, flares
Red Tuna:
weapons: 4-autocannon turret (up from 3), 4 VL missiles, 3 torpedoes
defenses: flares, more armor, more speed
weapons: 3 long-range missiles, 1 simple laser turret
defenses: more range, some extra armor, can hide behind Water Buffalo
weapons: single CRAM, 112mm frag APS, 4-mine launcher, 2 dropped torpedoes
defenses: some metal, low-strength shields, flare interceptors, higher altitude and speed
Water Buffalo
weapons: dual CRAM, 143mm frag APS, no missiles (I was able to repress my temptation to coat every single surface in weapons)
defenses: 5 shields, (2 per side and 1 on CRAM), decent armor, more speed
Shuriken (not yet retrofitted)

Retrofit Section

Now, I'll highlight our best and brightest engineers' revision of our captured Gotha. We started by gutting it, gently removing and keeping AI, ACBs, and ammo customizers. The missiles were removed for safety reasons, and the nacelles were lined with metal and new engines were added in the front, and non-chain-reacting ammo at the back. The guns were redone, with the gauge increased from 165mm to 180mm, and the shell changed from HE to solid/sabot to reduce explosiveness. Fire rate is 195 per gun, up from under 180. The flares remain unchanged. The drunken pilot who can't seem to figure out how to keep the nose level remains, due to budget shortfalls, but someone who knows how to fly and isn't drunk can replace him later (ahem AI that works, or just me). It doesn't help that, during testing, the test pilot got himself killed by a Plunderer's front gun which decided that its true role is AA.
The sabot guns do quite well when the plane is actually level and able to fire, though. The schematic is attached for any of you peasants to try and build at home to make yourself feel fancy.
.blueprint   Gotha.blueprint (Size: 98.57 KB / Downloads: 13)

The emperor thanks you for your time reading this, and if you don't go to the nearest army depot and give them your name now that you've seen this, you will be imprisoned. Smart way to check isn't it?

[out of character] Thanks for reading this, I'm hoping to keep updating this and keep you guys entertained. If there is anything you want me to change, please let me know, and I'll consider it. If you want any BPs other than the featured one, I'll post them as well. This section was done before I decided to post my playthrough here, so I don't have many pictures, but I'll put a few of specific BPs in in a moment. [/out of character]
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

Hello again, citizens! How was your day? Nevermind, don't respond, I don't care. I'm a dictator with no care for you wants or needs. Get over it.
I'm sure you'll be glad to hear of how the war has gone since last update.

Update on the War Against the Pirate Lords

Task Force Green, our northern attacking fleet, engaged an approaching fleet of 4 DWG ballooncraft. All four were quickly downed, primarily by the Water Buffalo. They disintegrated before they even hit the water.
In the south, the lone Atlas engaged an enemy Atlas, and downed it in one shot, popping the balloons and destroying the front gun. A second shot blew up the back gun, and the captain jumped off and captured another Atlas for our airforce. Quick repairs and an update were started on the spot, and the Gotha flew up to join up and form a fleet: Aggravated Aerial Assault. The new fleet, with the unfinished Atlas sitting out, engage a DWG fleet defending the nearby fishing village. The enemy Gotha had both nacelles and the center control and gun section popped by the Atlas's CRAM and a few frag shots before it could get out of the water. Our Gotha's pilot (my brave self) jumps out and captures the disabled enemy Gotha, at which point the gunner realizes, hey, I'm now stuck with the drunken guy. The drunkard majestically (not) the mammoth plane around and engages the ships on another attack run. The scrapper and one of two sledges are quickly shredded by my Gotha's sabot, though the drunkard (actually me in control) crashed the brand new Gotha into the water (I underestimated how close the remaining sledge was so I crashed it into the water trying to get a firing solution). The gunner, seeing a way to live another day, hops out and swims away toward the sledge. A convenient CRAM from the Atlas blows the deck off the sledge, and the gunner quickly blows up the barely functioning AI and captures the sledge.
The sledge is sent off towards Ruger's old base, where it will join the Shuriken as scrap or maybe a new fleet. A quickly patched Gotha follows, which will definitely be updated, and sent to join Task Force Green as CAS.

The map is as such:

New or outdated forces:

Shuriken (unretrofitted)

Sledge (unretrofitted)

Current Fleets

Task Force Green: 1x Water Buffalo, 2x Red Tuna, 2x Coyote (soon to be joined by a Gotha)

Aggravated Aerial Assault: 2x Atlas (one needs repaired) 1x Gotha

Future Planning

Next week, we plan to advance East with Task Force Green, liberate the fishing village with Aggravated Aerial Assault, and retrofit the two ships on their way to the fortress. A new fleet will hopefully be formed, especially if we capture the defending Falkenheim at the fishing village. Donate to the military today, so we can actually afford to build our own ships for once!
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

Day Two Broadcast Note: this post will be updated over the next half hour as I fill in photos and stuff.

Hello again, peoples of all Neter, now that this is being globally broadcast via leaflets dropped by satelite, though effectiveness of this specific propaganda technique is yet to be determined.

Anyway, I'm sure you all are very excited to hear about our most recent conquests. So, after we defeated the fleet defending the nearby desert island, our northern fleet engaged two approaching Scuttleguns. It was the toughest fight yet, but we prevailed. The Water Buffalo sat the fight out, staying out of the way, as it was too big of a target to be safe around the Scuttlegun's artillery. One Red tuna and one Coyote held came in from each side, hoping to avoid the Scuttlegun's massive forward firepower, but each Scuttlegun got off one salvo,     and four of six shots hit one Red Tuna, bringing it down about 25%, the front obliterated,     and the other Scuttlegun fired with three of six guns, one shot hitting the other Red Tuna right in the bow, dealing similar damage.     The captain of the first Red Tuna maintained the charge, and reached the Scuttlegun right as it sunk beneath the waves (AI dead, 0 seconds when I got there). The other captain managed to reach the other Scuttlegun before the crew could scuttle it, capturing an artillery platform for our navy.


In the mean time, our engineers back home rebuilt the Sledge based on witness accounts and scrap that was captured (I withdrew because the village joined in, but the Sledge was too close and got scrapped). The firepower was upgraded to 8 improved missiles and 2 longer torpedoes, and the armor was redone. The sledge will likely see use as a missile support vehicle or convoy escort and defense ship.

Retrofit Section

Here I'll detail the improvements made to the newly captured Scuttlegun. The guns were taken off and redone separate from the rest of the craft, recieving a substantial reload decrease and a heightened explosive power, along with more armor and a quicker-rotating base. The ammo spead throughout the ship was centralised into 3 metal-plated boxes in the rear, and the inefficient engine was replaced with a small nuclear reactor. The side guns wer changed to fire sabot rounds rather than timed frag, and then were completely removed because of their lack of efficient firepower for their cost. One long missile per side replaced them. The armor was increased throughout, and a more efficient structure was established (more beams, less blocks), which the DWG have heard of and may steal (I submitted a more beamed version). The drunken pilot in charge of the Gotha was unfortunately cloned and put in charge of the steering, and the current version may occasionally turn completely around and face away from the enemy and "advance" backwards.

.blueprint   Scuttlegun.blueprint (Size: 93.95 KB / Downloads: 10)

More Conquests!

The Aggravated Aerial Assault fleet is sent East to conquer the fishing village. One Atlas is left out so the admiral can better keep track of the battle. The Village starts out with only the Falkenheim and Coastal Defense. The Atals that is in the battle doesn't do anything of note (I had it on On rather than Combat since I didn't want it to break anything so I could break more stuff in the Gotha). The Gotha flies straight at the Falkenheim, firing on it with the sabot guns. One of the Falkenheim's fighters collides before it can get out of the hanger, and the ammo and command section are quickly shredded by sabot fire. I, as the pilot I am, jump out of the cockpit (now on top, I removed the silly underhanging cockpit) and land on the left engine section capturing the Falkenheim.
The unskilled backup pilot brings the Gotha into an extreme upward climb, and I (magically back on the Gotha) do a loop and bring it back under control, now aimed directly at the Coastal Defense.     The gunner opens up and blows straight through the top missile turret, ammo, and AI.         I again jump out now capturing the coastal defense turret. I, now back in the Gotha again, pull up and fly off to turn around.     The Arablest windmill crumbles in the background (I think from the Atlas, it slowly moved up).     Now turned back towards the village, facing South, the gunner rips into the small and tiny houses, one is destroyed completely, but I jump off and capture the other.     Once again, the Gotha flies up and does 180* vertical turn, staying upside down. The gunner disables another house, which I once more jump off and capture, but the incompetent pilot who is left doesn't know how to fly upside down (silly AI) and tries to roll, when the altitude of the Gotha is well under half its width.     The left wing slams into the ground and I turn off the engines and look over the battlefield, where one larger house remains. The Atlas, now on full attack mode, fires a CRAM into the roof, disabling one AI, and the rear frag gun gets the other.     The captain jumps off and captures it. Captures: Falkenheim, Coastal Defense, Tiny House, Medium House, Large House.         (Sorry for doing so much capturing this time, but the village will be kept for lore reasons and need repaired, so I see little problem with it. In this battle I took no gun control and didn't fire a shot with my avatar weapons. That's what a plane-mounted solid/sabot minigun with aim point can do for you. I just point the plane at what I want to fire at.)

The victorious forces head north to replace the withdrawn Task Force Green. One Atlas is split off and sent South to join where the new Gotha is being sent, and the Shuriken will be retrofitted once it reaches the fortress, where it will then collect materials and head to repair the fishing village. The Sledge heads East to provide missile support and defense as the 2nd Aggravated Aerial Assault fleet attacks.

New and Updated Vehicles

offenses: 2x 3-barelled 2000mm HE CRAM, 2x missiles
defenses: flares, range, less explodey than the original, strong offense

offenses: 8 4-block missiles, 2 4-block torpedoes
defenses: small, long-range, low in the water

no offenses or defenses, purely cargo and repair roles

Briefing on Strategy

[out of character] Here I'll reveal the theme and reasoning behind the way I've set up the campaign, and the strategy going forward. I really enjoy capturing (especially in the Gotha, it's a blast. I can just jump out of the chair and double space, then the plane flies out beneath me without any worry about the dual tail hitting me.) and retrofitting designs. Unfortunately, it is a bit OP, but I'll balance that out by using small dispersed fleets to manage control better. I'll also do my best to capture and repair most village buildings and RZ fortresses, though smaller designs (like the Shuriken) can be used in their place. I will also try to give certain vehicles definitive roles, such as the Scuttlegun as an artillery platform, and the Shuriken as a cargo vehicle, rather than intermixed roles where everyone gets a few repair tentacles and a mix of weapons. I'll try to make only flagship vehicles, like the Water Buffalo, Atlas, Falkenheim, Scuttlegun, and any new big ships I capture have repair capabilities, plus cargo craft. Also to try and balance out the capturing thing, I'll be more willing to have weaker designs and to declare war on more people. Against the OW, who have many easier to capture and expensive ships, I'll try to avoid capturing more often, and to try to use interesting tactics (namely a ramsaw sub which would be hilarious. Against the WF, I probably won't capture too much stuff except for some lucky AI deads. Using primarily DWG-grade armor and design schemes will prove difficult against the OW of WF, so I'll probably use some better tech (more shields) and maybe more focus on planes or defensive structures, but I'll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading to anyone who has made it this far. I find the text easier and more enjoyable for me to do than pictures, but I'm interested in feedback. I also think that the story can tell a more entertaining story than videos, though I don't really want to do videos either way. [/out of character]
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

Does anyone care about me doing this, or should I just stop?
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

It's an interesting gameplay concept: roleplay, self imposed rules, and pictures.
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]

*stands quietly in shadows*
A force as voracious as time itself.
A void as cryptic as reality itself.
An enigma as vexing as life itself.
[Image: HjaVgvK.jpg]

*stabs wildly into shadows*
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

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