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Ejector Shotguns

[Image: qSl5733.jpg]
[Image: 1vfgmaj.jpg]

Probably the least efficient way of firing bullets, but who knows? A bomber could fly into a ship and eject 20 8 meter HE shells into it. No need for casing so you can just fill it to the brim with HE and call it a day.

Although, its wildly inaccurate and muzzle speed is on the sad side.
How many sea vipers does it take to destroy a kingstead?
The world may never know.

I only see this thread here now. do you still have the blueprint with this prototype setup?

I'been trying to work out an APS bomber actually, but it uses aimed droves of short-barreled cannons rather than ejectors, but it is large and high altitude.

This would be better for low altitude bombing runs I think. Maybe a Lua divebomber equipped with a front facing shotgun?
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[Image: 32DA9A8EECC76926A3CDAA803283F5FCC3314BBA]


[Image: P1H2COB.png]made one today.
really short range due to only have 50 m/s initial velocity, many vehicle can travel faster than this, and the drag further decrease the range. Effective range is also limited due to the wide spread, the further away, the less likely to land most of the shot.
On the other hand, raw DPS per volume should be top notch among APS since:
1. all you need is gauge increaser, 1 autoloader, x number of clips and ~2x number ammo inputs, no cooler or more autoloaders that bogs the volume up
2. The ammo don't need gun powders. so the shell volume is 100% of the whole ammo volume.
also the ejector release all its payload at once, so it is a perfect high alpha weaponry for bombers/rammers.
timed fuse won't work on ejected shells, I suspect (not tested myself) other fuses don't work either. 

I used 500mm 2 part shell to fill in 1m sized magazines. I tried 60ish shell and 90 ish shell per shot. Which would took 44 seconds for the input to reload.
A 1x1 simple cannon should destroy the ejector the instant you press ctrl to fire the turret, as long as the simple cannon face the same way as your turret. 
Both Hesh and Heat works just fine, Most large ship in the game can get one shot out of around 9% of total health, 4 good shots can get them down to ~65% health.
Personally prefer HESH for making some spectacular spralling. 
HE tends to push ship away that actually help them escape the rest of the barrage. 
Frag is a mess, both of the time during my testing in sandbox platform got my bot avatar killed. I assume the fragment pushes other frag shell back to me.
Flak is meh, maybe it would be better for catching aircrafts, but 
Kinetic energy damage won't work due to have no velocity. 
Good smoke dispenser on land, didn't try it on water surface. smoke lasts slightly shorter than reload, perhaps longer shell might help.

potential usage:
Weapon used by anything enjoy high alpha close range combat. 
Cluster bomb warhead for icbm.
area denial weapon against rammer, bomber, submarines.
Maybe using a ciws/missile to ignite closely packed barrage may be a better than using fuze to light the whole area up. 

It might be countered by laser defense that just instantly destroy the cluster of shells.

Further viability testing:
Other fuses.
Other caliber diameters
Practical Turret design (1 axis and 2 axis)
vs Laser defense.
Making AI understand how to use it.
Rammer, jet & bomber with ejector shotgun as main armament.

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