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Connection Timeout in Multiplayer

A friend and I are trying to play together; I've hosted a server, forwarded port 25001 and created a special exception on the router for the application.

We have tried with and without NAT, as well as trying both cone and symmetric NAT settings.

We have both made sure the game is allowed through our firewalls.

What else should we be trying? We have some worries that our mobile network service provider may be involved in stopping the connection, but we'd like to know either way.

If you're technically savvy, you can try taking a look at the packets being sent to the host to see if they're actually going to the right port. A while back a friend and I had problems with the wrong port #'s being given to the client, so it would try to connect to a random port (thread). He's moved since, and we're both on different networks & router hardware, so at some point this stopped happening, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a shot to take a look and see what's actually reaching your router.

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