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The incorrect values of corner blocks.

So, I did mention in a reply on this post, that the costs and health the on corner blocks are incorrect in the game to the volume ratio.
I did the math.

But since nobody responded in 24 hours and I crave attention like a high school drama queen, I decided to post it here as well.

Let's take the 1m metal square corner for example:
Quote:Width W: 1
Depth D: 1
Height H: 1

Area A = W * D

Volume of a pyramid = A * H / 3 (Square corner is an oblique pyramid)
Volume = 0.33 blocks.

Health = 117 (87.5 currently in game)
Cost = 1.67 resources (1.25 in game)
Buoyancy: -0.57 (-0.4 in game)

But don't you worry, I'm not making you pick up a calculator and calculating every single corner block's volume and values.
Instead, I have made this handy calculator in Google Sheets to calculate everything for you. Feel free to use it whenever you want.
All of the values for every type of block. Wood, metal, heavy armor...
It even supports any future 4x4 type of corner block calculation if you want to implement those. (Please do)

Am I nitpicking too much? Probably. I think I just care about my 29,5 health difference too much.
If my ship isn't capable of wiping out every other ship in the game, it's not powerful enough.

Hehe well probably good thing to do, I can get the exact volume in blender but I never bothered to double check nicks maths. I think nick will have to change it In block type generator he was working on

Thx so much for the help with all the Maths for us wee humans not endowed with superhuman mega pro math skills. Just seeing how much expertise can be designed into this game and it's wonderful community all I can say is thanks for all the dedicated hard work....

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