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Would a combination of LUA and ACBs make it possible to warp INTO an enemy vehicle?

Wouldn't this also work very well with rams on spinblocks, possibly on more spinblocks?

I have already created a vehicle that does this, and without LUA. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done fairly well. I'm not home at the moment, but I'll post it here as soon as possible.

It is a small nuke drone with a turret on it which always faces the enemy. On the turret there are two ACBs, one which starts charging, and another one which warps the drone, both using distance to determine when to activate. The downside of this method is that it is unreliable, and on very fast enemies it often charges for too much time (if they are moving away) and just warps past them (if it can even reach them in the first place), so it definitely needs to be perfected.

The "Phaze Nuke" on the steam workshop I think?

I'd love to see a perfected version. I don't really employ these kinds of weapons but I can certainly enjoy them.

Or something that warps into the enemy and starts spawning nukes there? Smile
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Here is the blueprint. Its main problem now is that it starts charging if there is an enemy nearer than 500 meters, which makes it impractical against armies of many targets, but against single targets it does wonders and it is much cheaper.


This is what it does to a Venator.

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.blueprint   Warp nuke.blueprint (Size: 37.28 KB / Downloads: 19)

Best way to teleport nukes into a target would be to have a hover sit at 25m away from the enemy and just load in single-block nukes indefinitely. Can you put a blueprint spawner on a turret? If so that'd be perfect, if not it's possible to have a whole craft aim itself like a turret while stationery even without LUA. Might actually work best with a small, cheap helicopter or minisub that doubles as a fleet repair unit, either of which would be designed to sit directly beneath or above the enemy and just let the nukes rain down/up. Could even fork out an extra 20RP per nuke and give them an ACB-based proximity fuze, in case they somehow get loaded in outside of the enemy.
But maybe nukes aren't the best choice for a warpedo. Maybe it's ejectors. Ejectors have an essentially unlimited destructive radius, and their main problem of half the shells missing would be no issue if all the shells were already inside the enemy ship. Imagine a paltry 12 clips (2 for each direction) filled with 3x 499mm HEHE shells each. Imagine the carnage. 36 massive explosions going off at once. It would be absolutely delicious, and certainly enough to gut most ships; where a nuke might just blow a hole and leave the rest more or less alright.
Even just a craft of some description covered in rams would probably do more damage than a nuke.

I think that nukes would be better inside, since they have massive damge just not the highest radius. Have you ever tried building a new vehicle manually inside a ship and adding a nuke?
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