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Turrets and Spinblocks don't move

(2018-05-18, 09:05 AM)Normal69 Wrote: What if you use spinblocks and not turrets for the decor?
I've repeatedly red that long subobjects cause problems, and those decors are that.

The problem turrets are a copy of a workshop ship, and it didn't seem to have any issues.

I am planning changing to spinblocks instead, but it looks like quite a chore.
I like lolis
Don't judge me

If you look into you logfile you will see that it is filled with exceptions.
The problem is already known, it comes from a bug in which the 2-axis turrets must not have negative idle azimuth or elevation (I don't remember which one, it must be written somewhere in another bug report).

This problem has been solved on my dev version, it explains why I have no problem with rotating the turrets of your ship.
The next release will fix the problem.

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