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Wavefront Adjusters?

I have tried multiple different settings to my wavefront adjusters but they just won't work. My laser is very powerful but as soon as it hits smoke it doesn't do any damage what so ever. I tried different settings like, 15% can negate defenses, and 25% but no matter what, they do nothing!!! Please help

That's just the way it is, lasers are bad for now.
If nothing changed recently wavefronts have an optimal setting, 0.33. Using anything else reduces damage.

The issue is that lasers recalculate damage each shield/smoke. so instead of sacrificing X damage to guarantee Y damage for the whole defense you sacrifice X to get Y *per layer* If. lasers have the same balance issue shields and kinetic APS have. unfortunately, we can only wait for the change.
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I've found they work so badly vs smoke no matter what you set them to, that you might as well not use them at all & do more damage in the intervals between smoke clouds.
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