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DA-01 Tiger Lily aerial destroyer

Following the conclusion the Magnolia test program, the Applied Atmonautics Research Division at MIHD spent the next several months poring over the project's data, looking for ways to refine the technologies involved into something suitable for mass production. The decision was made to shift focus to a smaller, conventionally-powered craft, and after more months of development and construction, the first DA-01 Tiger Lily lifted off from the AARD shipyards.

DA-01 is a heavily automated craft, and only requires a crew of 24 to run (though the usual complement is 36). Accommodations are slightly cramped even by warship standards, owing to the automation, weapons systems, and lift engines consuming most of the hull space. The main living spaces are located in the lower two decks of the citadel, as well as the first two sub-decks at the rear of the ship.

The DA-01's main armament consists of 3 dual-barreled 203mm cannons, with two forward and one aft. Supplementing the main battery is an underlsung triple-barrel 403mm turret. This turret serves as a surface target bombardment system, as well as allowing it to punch above its weight against larger aerial targets. A fore-mounted 24-tube VLS rounds out the offensive armament.

For defense, the DA-01 is equipped with 4 multibarrel 80mm CIWS turrets, as well as four autocannon emplacements for use against smaller craft. These latter turrets are positioned to either side of the citadel, and can be controlled either manually at the emplacement, or remotely via a gunner station.

While capable of landing and maneuvering in water, the DA-01 is a very poor surface combatant. It is only meant to operate in water for docking and resupply at sea, or for emergency landings. The DA-01 is first and foremost an aerial destroyer, and performs best where it can use its speed and maneuverability to its advantage.

[Image: GyQ9rMk.jpg]

[Image: JXCsIMq.jpg]

[Image: 2ZpTjxB.jpg]

Designation: DA-01 Tiger Lily
Manufacturer: MIHD Research, AARD
Mods used: After Cataclysm base & railings

Length: 158m
Width: 49m
Height: 36m
Top speed: 30m/s(air), 9.5m/s(water)

3 2x203mm turrets
1 3x406mm surface bombardment turret
4 6x80mm CIWS turrets
4 2x autocannon turrets
2 12x6 block VLS

U/J - main engines
O/L - lift engines (24r/s or thereabouts is hover)
H/K - yaw
Up/Down - raise/lower landing gear and rear loading ramp

Tiger Lily isn't the most durable ship - it uses a lot of alloy in the outer hull to make it light enough to fly. It also tends to go a bit crazy once some of the lift engines get disabled. The best way to use it is to orbit a target at 2km or so and let the guns do the work, while dodging vertically. The missiles are set to fire between 1750-150m, but seem a little wonky- they always fly in crazy loops right out of the launcher before some of them decide to start following the laser out to the target.

The CIWS turrets at the moment only fire at missiles, due to weirdness with having both an anti-missile controller and local weapon controller on the same turret.

Interior buildout is still incomplete, but you can wander around most of the ship.

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.blueprint   Tiger Lily B.blueprint (Size: 688.25 KB / Downloads: 18)

Looks nice, I'm going to reverse-engineer it to find out how it ticks later today
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If you put an LWC next to a turret spinner and a AMC next to the LMC the LMC will take priority and will engage aircraft first and foremost and when there is no aircraft the AMC will take over and shoot missiles. Vise Versa if you put the AMC closest to the turret spinner it has priority and will engage missiles first and foremost before aircraft.
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