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T-104 Multi-Terrain Armored Fighting Vehicle "AV-1"

[Image: ItOiHPN.jpg]
Above is an image artificially created using Photoshop. It depicts the T-104 at the fall of the Reichstag, during the Battle of Berlin. It takes place in Berlin, Germany on the 2nd of May, 1945.

The T-104 AV-1, named after the soviet general Aleksandr Vasilevsky, is a combat proven medium-class MTAFV, featuring thick frontal armor equipped with a pike nose, smaller dimensions, and a powerful 236mm frag cannon. The AV-1 is a special tank, as it is the only tank in the MTAFV series to be assigned a close range role, engaging anywhere between 500 to 800 meters from the target. Having such close range between the target and itself, the AV-1 was equipped with a less accurate but twice as powerful than a standard 236mm gun, having an accuracy of (0.55). Another advantage of the T-104 is it's mobility, speed, and stability. It's acceleration comprises of reaching 40 m/s in 4 sec. and 50 m/s in 8. It's top speed on optimal terrain is 51 m/s. While not having a very high top speed, it does sport much higher acceleration and traverse speed at 12 deg. a second, making it one of the most mobile out of all of the MTAFV designs. It is mainly designed to be a front-line tank with it's super-heavy frontal armor, and shouldn't be used alone against several enemies. Although it is heavily armored, it isn't armored very well in the sides and rear, making it vulnerable to being flanked.

Concluding this summary of the T-104 AV-1, I ask you all to give support and leave feedback. For instance, tell me what I could improve, or how I could make presenting these designs better. Thanks in advance!

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Clever image processing, i like it

Oh my god I love the image insertion.

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