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Tooltip Target Prioritisation Card

I have played this game for around 1200 hours and at some point I did play the tutorials. During this time I learned some terminology, but certain words were left undefined... like the word targets. "targets" is a broad word and applies to a number of things such as individual blocks, weapons systems, shields, ships, airplanes, and the list goes on. Most gamers will assume a target is a system or ship you can aim at because it is a distinct type of object. Otherwise options like "center of mass" are chosen. This is never really explicitly defined to be "target: an entire construct or vehicle" and then all future uses of the word would be treated as such. Its varied use leads to quite a bit of confusion (I have a few friends also baffled by this when they are at my house watching).

FTD offers a variety of targeting, but it does not actually offer a way to target weapons systems. For all 1200 hours I played I had assumed it did! Why? "this CARD can be inserted into a card slot and will allow prioritisation of certain targets as both the primary target of the AI mainframe and the weapon systems." Ok. Sure. So you install the card and you hit Q to go into the gui and are presented with sliders for weighting the various things. "Set value per..." and several various things like, block, weapon, crew, propulsion... all the systems you'd think you could aim for individually, right?

What I did not know was that this card is actually simply switching the targeted construct from one to another as the values dictate. It has zero capacity to target a weapon system or a propulsion component. The aimpoint selection card does not offer this either. It offers two choices of ammo/ai and random blocks. It also features a slightly misleading, but much more accurate description "this CARD will select the vulnerable points on a constructable for targeting via the local weapon controllers." it does sort of do that, but it has a vary small selection.

My suggestion is this: Change the wording of the Target Prioritization Card to say "this CARD can be inserted into a card slot and will allow prioritization of certain constructables as both the primary target of..." etc. The use of constructables directly implies it will switch the entire construct being targeted rather than swap the place on the construct being targeted.

The issue is, again, with the use of "targets" where it is not clearly defined or implied to not mean that I can force my weapons systems to aim for these things but rather means that it will weight the various constructs/vehicles based on these criteria and then fire on them using the limited options of the aimpoint selection card.

1200 hours and that simple wording has had me thinking I could target systems and weapons when in fact I could not do so without mods.

A final note: I got a lot of flak about this already. If you are going to throw shade or toss flak my way... just... go find something more constructive to do. Not interested. Grats for reading this far! I didn't think anyone would aside from whoever's job it is to look at this stuff (I forgive you for not reading this if you didnt Tongue)
[Image: 3bb7830d881f78fa04c88990d560db32bb586b4c_full.jpg] Someone tell me why the hell I had to draw this to explain this: |-. (The crap at the top is a random doodle and unrelated)

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