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Sea Encounters - Battleships! [ongoing battles]

(Yesterday, 10:22 PM)NutterChap Wrote: Well done Harnas. That was quite as I expected.
It becomes painfully clear what I would and should update the very next opportunity I have:
-Make sure more guns are more quickly available i.e. custom broadside regulation instead of only AI card.
-Distribute aimpoints by setting some turrets up on different AI networks.
-Maybe improve on the reload if possible. This would require a fourth ammo input and thus a taller turret... who knows, it might be worth it.
Especially with point 1, Im sure the other 5 turrets would have come into play and used their good accuracy over range to do more early-on damage. That, if anything, could have turned the tables.

I really like to take a page out of your book regarding your main guns. I love their punch and shell arc. Smile
Really shows the age of the Agincourt doesnt it? The lessons of Jutland (plunging fire coming over the belt armor, through the thin deck) has not been implemented too well...

Thanks. I agree with the conclusions, however I think the biggest bottleneck that is holding the ship back against such a aggressive ships as Thunder or Curse is fire rate. Having said that, any significant improvement would mean introducing magazine feeding and thus loosing some of the tankiness.
primum non nocere
new tournament:
★★★ Sea Encounters - Battleships! ★★★

Temeraire has loaders with clips on all serious guns, that doesn't reduce tankiness if done right)
Makes things.
magic cheese must burn?

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