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Sea Encounters - Battleships! [ongoing battles]

SE BB Impresario vs Saboteur
primum non nocere
new tournament:
★★★ Sea Encounters - Battleships! ★★★

Saboteur: Despamification successfull.
Hard choice on beauty vote.
Makes things.
magic cheese must burn?

Nice fight Ferram4 Smile I think my longer range secondaries made the difference - managed to disable guns before they could do much damage in return. Still surprised I am hitting the citadel consistently at these ranges with no supercavitation but i'll take it Tongue

Anickle vs Ferram4... great matchup of two of the best tournament designers I know. On that count, Nobidexx, Blothorn, draba and maybe one or two others (excluding those who left, like Evil4Zerggin, Varien101 and some others) are missing from making this tournament a bloody deathpool, coming to think of it.

4 more battles to go in this round.
4 more battles to go until we know for sure who have made it into the onion bracket.

I'd be happy enough ending in top 8. Smile
There's a chance I best Harnas' Thunder in the looks department, but Im not so sure on the damage dealt/damage taken. The tension is real!
Everything that ever started to exist, has a cause.

(There is) A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
-Ecclesiastes 3:3

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