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AI weapon controll filter

Hello, I have a suggestion wich is about a filter for the AI's weapon cotroller, the think is, in the weapons, have a bool option wich is if you want that weapon is controlled by AI, so if I have in a turret a cannon with some missile launchers, I can control the missiles with other systems.

I think the code can be somethink like that:

array Weapons; //an array with the weapon's objets
int C;
Weapons = ;
for (C = 0; C ++; C < Weapons.length){
Weapon = Weapons[C];
if (Weapon.use == True){;

MAYBE something like that, I actually don't know how it's FTD script (I almost start learning unity).

Something wich can be done too, is do the wepon controller have the option of use all weapons tipe, or only use cannons, or missiles, or lasers, etc
****warning: a crazy engineer is in the thread****

Totally not me!!!!

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AI weapon controll filter - by Collot999 - 2018-04-29, 11:02 PM

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