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Shield Projectors: Kinetic and Energy

(2018-06-27, 12:23 PM)Normal69 Wrote: A pack of batteries without an electric engine drainable only by special components, like shields? laser? rail? - so the end conclusion is DIS not EN Wink

All of my units have electric engines, some even generates power - and they are working together.

That sounds like a personal preference; my ships generally only have batteries if they also have LAMS or some reason to use batteries. (In the case of LAMS this is to keep the shields up while the engine is ramping up after LAMS activates.)

Electric engines are easily able to be tacked onto practically any section of batteries, being 1m by 1m, and I can't see any reason not to once you already have batteries. Whereas if you don't have batteries that's an awful lot of weight you're saving from not having batteries. Anything that encourages the presence of batteries encourages the use of an electrical engine, with the only possible exception being batteries in spaces so small that the 1mx1mx1m space is better devoted to air or battery itself, at which point you're probably not running any significant PAC or shields or rail off of it anyway.

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