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Shield Projectors: Kinetic and Energy

I want to make an adjustment to this recommendation. I think that consuming battery power discourages the use of electric engines, and so rather than using battery power as a health pool, kinetic and energy absorb shields could use a set of slider bars similar to the way the Particle Cannon works. In addition to its usual settings for shield size, distance, and angle, shields could have their strength slider split into three more characteristics: total shield hitpoints (1 -> some big number), armor value (1 -> 80), and regeneration rate (after a few seconds, draws from engine power to restore hitpoints at a rate of 0.01 to 1.00 per second, with 1.00 being 100% of the total).

This way, shields could be tuned to absorb more precisely expected attacks, with the highest values being prohibitively costly in terms of power demands, and all types of attacks would still be able to overcome shield defenses sooner or later, while shields would be easily configured to withstand a certain amount of punishment before they wear out. This would probably make shields much more effective against alpha strikes but less able to withstand sustained firepower for the entire duration of the battle - an active defense just strong enough to give its platform a chance to match its attacker with superior firepower before succumbing to enemy attacks.

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