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Shield Projectors: Kinetic and Energy

I find that disruption shields are useless, reflection shields are overpowered to the point of being mandatory, and laser absorb shields are prohibitively energy-intensive given their purpose in providing laser defenses to a vehicle which already has a high power consumption from using laser weapons. I think that shield types can be simplified and balanced by splitting them into only two categories - kinetic and energy protection - and having them function more like laser absorb shields with some changes.

Rather than simply having a chance to bounce projectiles, kinetic protection shields should soak damage, draining energy from the ship's battery power to stop projectiles with any kinetic component to their damage. Such shields suffer damage both from the kinetic damage component as well as any payload which is triggered by impact, depth penetration, or inertial change, and such fuses are overridden such that their payload detonates on and affects the shield before reaching the hull. If there is insufficient battery power to stop the kinetic component of a shell, the shield has no effect and the shell passes through unobstructed. The shield strength affects the armor value of the shield, which at maximum strength can be on par with heavy armor.

This will balance all shell types as kinetic shells will be able to chew through the energy reserves of a shield and payload-based low-velocity shells would be easier for the shield to stop but the shield would still take the brunt of the damage from the triggered payload when it does this. Making an effective shield would depend on providing it with battery power and choosing its strength and coverage carefully - no more denying high-velocity, high rate-of-fire cannons by simply tossing a shield generator carelessly anywhere and angling it slightly at a low strength level.

Energy protection shields would operate in an identical manner but they would affect laser and particle weapons instead of conventional shells. Tuning the strength would simply affect the armor value - which could be mitigated by the wavefront adjuster - and damage could only be absorbed as long as there is sufficient battery power on board the targeted ship.

These changes would greatly balance the current power difference between conventional and energy weapons, giving all shell types the opportunity to be fairly countered but also to overcome their counters, while making it less energy-intensive to counter laser weapons while still allowing lasers to overcome the defenses, and applying these as a method of countermeasure to particle cannons in a similar manner.

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