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Chrome Plating: Anti-Laser Passive Defense

Hull armor blocks can be arranged to provide improved protection against the game's conventional weapon types in many ways, including using wood as a spall liner against HESH or as a cheap EMP-buffer. However, Laser weapons can only be countered with active defenses such as smoke or absorb shields. The introduction of a set of chrome-plated metal hull blocks and beams can alleviate this game balance issue.

The basic premise is to have a hull block type which has normal effectiveness against the usual weapon types as metal does, but has increased protection against laser damage. Either by a straight reduction in damage as is the case with water or smoke, but to a lesser degree, and countered by wavefront adjusters, or by having a normal armor value against standard attacks and having a much higher armor value (on par with heavy armor or better) against laser damage.

The block type would be more expensive than metal armor but not by much - maybe 20%-30% higher - while having the same properties of weight, armor, and hitpoints. This would make it a good choice for the outer layer of hull armor but not suitable for use on the entire hull of a ship. It would also have some drawbacks in terms of detection - it could be far easier to spot and track accurately by anything that can normally see metal, and even be tracked passively by retroreflection sensors.

This would balance lasers against other weapon types by allowing ships to have a form of passive protection against them in the same way that hull composition can form a passive defense against conventional cannons and missiles. It would also allow laser-equipped ships to have a viable form of laser protection which would not disrupt their own laser weapons as is the case with smoke or cause massive power requirements as is the case with absorb shields.

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