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My first modern tankish design

Well, to start off this review, i'd like to say that this isn't a bad tank. There are just some major (or minor, depending on how you see it) flaws from it being very good. Why not begin with the good things.

1. It's got a very nice gun
The gun it's using is much stronger than any of mine that I have ever made on a land vehicle. I build my vehicles on being the toughest possible, and I make sure every detail and every block ensures the best protection possible. They are extremely resilient to all forms of physical damage, but your gun slices frontal armor off with every shot like it's made of wood.

2. Good protection
While the gun on the vehicle I was testing it with isn't very good, it was very tough to get through, at least much tougher than I expected it to be.

3. It's low to the ground
Pretty much this ensures a shell won't slip under the vehicle and blow it up with its weak bottom armor.

But unfortunately, on to the improvements. While this list may be much longer, don't see this as criticism, but as possible upgrades to your vehicle.

1. It's big. and wide.
Having a large profile is never good. Being big means it's easy to hit you. Having a much thinner and longer body will make it much harder for a shell to hit you frontally. Also, if you could fit the gun into a much narrower space, that would be a work of art.

2. More beams
While you did use some beams in the vehicle, it's better to use all beams. Instead of using 2M Beams in the front, use as many 4M beams as you can fit into it, then place smaller ones. Beams have much higher health than smaller blocks, meaning if a shell were to hit you, it would have to break through 4 blocks instead of one to get inside. On a side note, I suggest placing the bore evacuator at the end of the barrel. As stated before, single blocks are much weaker and having it at the end would reduce the chances of half the barrel coming off in one hit.

3. Empty spaces
They aren't ever good. HEAT shells that can penetrate will penetrate, and they'll find open space to release fragmentation. That means if there is empty space in the vehicle and a HEAT round penetrates, it'll be like a grenade going off inside your vehicle.

4. Controls
While this one is very minor and not really important, it is difficult to test your vehicle without player controls somewhere inside it. Having a fire control computer somewhere would make it easier for people checking out your design.

5. Detection
I don't notice any detection on your vehicle. Detection is extremely important, if not necessary for all vehicles. They allow your gun to find targets and fire at them. Without it, it would be like a bat with cataracts aiming your gun, ensuring you do no damage.

6. Modules
In my opinion, separating all parts of a tank in metal or even wood is much safer than not. It helps when your vehicle is penetrated so that the shell will mostly be restricted to destroying just that one layer. For example: If your resource is shot and you have AI behind it, the shell will less likely go through them both. Another tip: Generally making everything as compact as possible without sacrificing functionality is usually a good thing.

Well that concludes my review, I hope you found it somewhat helpful. You should continue building tanks, I really like where this one was going!

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