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I have build a bigger ship with 8 sabot AA guns and 3 HESH maincannons. Added to that i also have torps antimissilelasers and antiair missiles but what can i do against shields? Hesh is killing them with time but i hate it when there is a tiny DWG ship that tanks my maincannons like nothing just because it has shields.

I tested loading EMP shells with disroupter heads in my AA cannons but it took so long to deactivate the shields. Than i tested EMP missiles but they would decrease my maximum engage range :/

Is there a option to deactivate shields for every ship? They are so annoying

1.If you dont want shields, dont play on godly or expert.
2. disrupuptors need quite a bit of damage to take down shields
3.HEAT and or HE with inertia fuse work, espiacially against DWG
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


AA guns are typically low gauge and therefore ineffective as anti-shield, so try putting DC shells in a 250mm+ shell.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

Swapping shell-types should be sufficient, at least vs DWG and OW.

Frag with inertial fuse (for the AA-guns) can pass single-layer shields. Can also add a timed fuse to them, to make them work as AAA.

For the main cannons, HE is probably the better option to deal damage through shields. HESH with strong HE-effect and an inertial fuse can also work. Or HEAT with strong HE-effect - might get lucky and set off ammo with the HEAT then.
Strong HEAT will probably overpenetrate at large calibres, but might still be an option if your main cannons aren't that big.

Proximity fused EMP shells act like stronger disruptors when fired at shields. Using a Sabot or composite head allows them to match range and speed with the shells of the main guns. Is it a bit of an exploit? Yes, but shields are flat broken atm with the fix still a ways off.
-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.

Well, proxy fuse is exploit, but well its actually true that shields are utterly broken
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


Against shielded boats of DWG? Do mixed payload time'n'inertial fuse CRAMs.
I usually load them up with all damage types, so explosive shear off outside components, emp spreads againsr electronic components, AP enables to sink into the enemy body by penetration depth, and all is peppered with a nice boquet of frags. Big Grin

As a question, how proximity fuse exploit, and disruptor shell are exactly working, please?
I've thought full distruptor damage is substracted from the shield generator HP,
and proximity distance is the length of the end of shell trajectory path where it "teleports" into the vehicle. Not?
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]

Proxy emp is broken as it teleports all (?) EMP charge straight into the shield generator. It is not supposed to, but fair game against shields.

I hate shields. Smile

CRAMs with inertial HE work good enough. It will damage blocjs, even through layered shields. Frags will be stopped by tge second shield layer.

HE is good for general purpose IMHO. HEAT particles, not sure of shields affect them. A 500mm HEAT with huge pen metric will pass 1 layer but only do pinpricks.

Missiles and torps pass shields AFAIK. Add EMP to them and it will eventually cause a problem if the shield projectors are not shielded from EMP.


(There is) A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
-Ecclesiastes 3:3

In my experience, the most cost-effective counters to shields are EMP missiles and EMP PACs. Missiles are simple and convenient enough against most targets because you don't need to make them fast or agile - any target with shields worth bringing down will probably not be fast enough to dodge even big slow missiles with poor agility, so you can just pack the warheads in.

When LAMS abuse starts showing up, though, it's time to switch to EMP PAC. I normally don't like EMP due to how easy it is to bypass everything and cause very quick AI kills using EMP damage, but shields necessitate EMP to effectively bring them down with a minimum of hassle. EMP also doubles as a counter to smoke, making it good to pair with lasers as well.

The other simple option is to use inertial frag rounds with a somewhat tight cone angle. I use 22.5 on all of my inertial frag rounds, and that gets all or most of the frag on target. Inertial frag is just a good effective all-purpose round - there's no particular reason not to use it given how common shields are in this game.

I use sabot-tipped prox-EMP like Lincrono, they do about the same damage as equivalent disruptors ( sabot cuts volume-based damage warheads like EMP & HE down a lot ) but without the absurd downsides. PAC on the other hand is broken by design, not by accident Tongue easiest way to deal with LAMS is just smoke the target up.

Narrow cone frag got a hammering in 2.0, but you can still use narrow-cone frag warheads if you back them up with some wide-cone warheads too - the damage per frag is summed across all warheads rather than being treated individually.
Poke my boat! mostly pre-2.0 learning & catalogue thread - Update: Heavy & light tanks 07/04/18 for 2.1. 6 ships made 2.0 aware. No more post-processing! finally! but now I can't read the forum.

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