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Fighter Jet with HUD/HMD

One of my friend asked me about making HUD, so i made it.
[Image: d12p7XR.jpg]

[Image: 73FJeaL.jpg]
in normal flight.
[Image: 1k8j7Ax.jpg]
Tracks nearest enemy when battle starts, inaccurate when enemy is far away from aircraft.
[Image: HAaabp1.jpg]
Using one turn missile. Sight Tracking Reticle is enabled.
[Image: WDvU2B2.jpg]

[Image: G5Qy8P2.png]

[Image: qoKYBrU.png]

[Image: C9dnvty.png]
HUD/HMD images are based on Ace combat HUD.

thx for your attention.

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.blueprint   XF-37 CAX.blueprint (Size: 82.21 KB / Downloads: 29)

Super cool.
Grav rams are like the Looney Toons of shell types... Absolutely hilarious in short bursts.

Never see this setups before. Unique holograms ya made of man XD

I like this concept. i think you could make some minigun jet fighter and use this technique. It will be the most epic jet fighter. Big Grin

How does this work?
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(2018-04-21, 08:29 PM)The Mustachi Master Wrote: How does this work?

Altimeter uses hologram projector on vehicle,
and Enemy Tracker/Visual Tracker uses 2 axis turret block connected to AI/2 axis turret block with weapon slot setting.

Thats such a neat idea man, i gta make somthing with this Big Grin

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