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LUA Box unit and save

I would like to propose three things for LUA Box
function Init(I)
This would be called when:
  • Vehicle is pulled into play
  • LUA Box is started
  • LUA Box is repaired
This would allow us to set some variables to in game values like current position, velocity, etc.
function Save(I)
This would be called when:
  • Vehicle is despawned
  • LUA Box is stopped
  • LUA Box is destroyed
This would allow us to save some things to some sort of storage.

This is object that is presistent between game sessions and can be declared by user.
This would allow us to create self tuning PIDs for example.

I like these ideas, I have added that thread to my todo list, but it may take some time before I decide to go for a Lua update.

To be honest I would go for some object oriented language, something like java or c++. Preferably something with (pre) compilation to allow it to be faster, along with support for loading scripts.

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