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FTD Roadmap for the next few months

It would mostly be fun if fewer shell types would get so hard countered by shields, so that a lot more options become viable. I mostly just use Hesh and Frag these days, and hardly anything else, because I find to many other types just too unreliable in the face of shields.

If kinetic energy, AP, godknowswhatelse could be figured into the equation again, permitting effective use of many more different shell setups, well glory to diversity!

It's mostly just very unfortunate that the current shields put such a bottleneck on what is effective and what isn't.

Reminds me that a shield-busting EMP option for CRAMS similar to the disruptors would be cool.
Imperium Age of Sail Campaign Custom Campaign Dev Idea

Check it out here!

- Also likes Strange music -

The change is the calculation itself so its not so crazy strong at minor angle deviations and not shell immune at higher velocities.
All other changes are best left to a full rework.
Theres a lot of small changes, all of which I've been playing with in my personal build for a few months

The new graphics look absolutely stunning so far! My only complaint would be that metal blocks with white paint look rather dirty which isn't great for certain builds.

One of the additional tweaks I did last week reduces some of the PBR occlusion in direct light so the grooving doesnt go crazy unless its meant to be shadowed.

Has there been any word on multiplayer improvements?

I should start off by saying I don't regret any of my multiple purchases of this game. I bought a copy for every one of my Twitch subscribers (Steam Summer Sale) and we all derpped around for a bit before realizing that the more players there are, the more unstable the game seems to become. I didn't see any mention of multiplayer improvements.

The game is amazing and there will still be a night or two dedicated to it on patch day regardless of multiplayer improvements.

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