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Is it me or does the altitude deciding component of Areal AI simply suck

*This could be me being dumb. Also, the post is a bit all over the place*

Every single plane I make I come across one problem: I can't get planes on the right height. It doesn't matter to what I set the slider to (as long as it stays above 20), it will cruise at around 250-350 meters.

I've tried 50% of the whole craft being wings, etc. and 10 wings max (despite the size of the craft). With the wings, the craft drifts up naturately. With barely any, it seems to be the best.

Also something I've noticed: The pitch of the craft to gain height is a bit odd to me. If I set the cruising to 200, minimum altitude to 180 and if the craft is at 197m altitude, the craft won't stop ascending until it's around 250, where it will try and go down again, repeating this process. It also wants the craft to have a pitch of 11 degrees or more, launching the craft up, without trying to decrease the pitch until the crafts hits that altitude of 250.

One more thing about the pitch: If the craft's altitude is a lot lower than the cruising/minimum altitude, the craft wants to go up with 90 degrees.

I stopped building planes because of this. I only build copters since you don't need the areal AI height component to get it to it's right altitude.

Am I the only person with this problem or is this a more known thing.?

Edit: Apparently a lot of people seem to use PID/ACB's for hieght/pitch control. So what is the point of having it in the areal AI (at it's current state) in the first place?

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Is it me or does the altitude deciding component of Areal AI simply suck - by ItsSander - 2018-04-14, 11:15 PM

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