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[2.12]Missile passing through the armor when not supposed.

When the game is slowed it work as intended and detonate on first contact.
the missile at normal game speed will sometimes pass through the armor, regardless of whether it is heavy armor or not. It seems to do so especially when a vehicle moves towards the missile.
I tested with a small hovercraft against Pilferer and Red Tuna from DWG.

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Welcome to the forum!

This is a known bug, the faster the missile velocity relative to the target, the more the missile will 'go through'. In theory you can even avoid completely a missile if it goes through all the vehicle...

A missile overhaul is planned and we hope to get rid of this bug at that time.

My concerns have been solved, thank you.

First time i noticed that problem was while testing very high velocity railguns (around 4-5km/s) which often completely ignore the target and go straight through the hull with no effect.
Recently however I was building quite a large ship with multiple layers of spaced armor and this bug occured while testing it with regular advanced shells fired from Victoria. I believe their speed is well below 1km/s and there is a lot of distance they go through without collision. If they would go through the whole ship without making any damage it wouldn't be so bad but they often ignore the whole armor and then hit and destroy the AI and that actually makes it a pretty bad bug.
I managed to capture one such shell going through with F11 and will attach some screenshots. Almost every shell is stopped by the armor however those that go through can easily kill AI and therefore make all that heavy armor pointless. I'm currently on 2.15 but it also happened on 2.12 and probably earlier.

Screens of a shell going through layers of: metal, heavy armor, air, metal, heavy armor, air, heavy armor

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