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"Weapons" that are really missing.

We have the pistol, the SMG, the grenade launcher, the blunderbuss and the minigun (And our melee attack) but in my opinion there are a few "weapons" that are missing.

1.) Sniper
-Charges up and zooms in if you hold the LMB. You cannot jump while charging and you are limited to 60% of your movement speed.
-If you release it, the Sniper will fire a powerful laserbeam over a long distance.
-Needs a few seconds to cool down.

2.) Grappling hook
-Fires a grappling hook that will attach to everything it touches. [Range 50 meters/164 Feet]
-Press the LMB again to pull yourself towards your target or to pull it to you (this will happen automatically, if your mass is higher than your targets)
-Allows you to cover a huge distance when you combine it with your jump.
-Switching weapons will cut the rope.

3.) The shield
-Hold the LMB to create a shield in front of you.
-Works like every other shield in the game.
-Slows you down a little bit.

I've heard rumors that the NPCs will return, which is the reason why I suggested it. Not only does a wider variety of gadgets allow the player to play the game in a more tactical way, it would also make it possible to add a wider variety of NPCs with differnt tactics, since the player would be able to fight more effectively.
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