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Engine Help? Confusion and trying to learn.

Okay it has been driving me a touch batty trying to figure out the 'engine tetris' for this, but I am trying to create a decent power engine if not modular and hopefully semi efficient engine, for a plane, or other small craft, that well, I either need multiple smaller engines, or a modular, but I know my maximum space is like, 3 tall, 3 wide, and, well with what I was previously using 6 long, but I think I can work that to be 8 long at most...but yeah, I'm going a bit batty trying to figure out how to cram a good bit of 'efficient fuel pwoer' int his amount of space, and would be tempted to just turn it to steam or RTG with the amount of confusion I'm having trying to get 'engine tetris' down correctly.
[Image: 76561197965955364.png]

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Engine Help? Confusion and trying to learn. - by Ryusho - 2018-04-07, 10:53 AM

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