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Camera clipping

So after taking a break for after a year hoping the camera clipping issue in multiplayer would finaly be fixed, to my disapointment it hasn't i know this is a indie game it doesn't have as much resources as a AAA company but god dam 1 game breaking bug still not fixed after a year. I knew his focus wasn't multiplayer but is this game even still in development or has the dev abandoned the game?

For people unfamiliar with this issue it's a bug in multiplayer where if you stand next to a block or on top the camera clips through the blocks making you see whats behind the blocks which ruins immersion.

Just tried it again still not yet fixed Sad

I can confirm this issue has been going on for a very long time, and it's game breaking for multiplayer. I know MP is on the backburner but there are only 3 bugs to make MP playable today. This is one of them. Please fix!

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