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Cannon Request Page (and some small premade turrets)

This is a thread for requesting cannon systems (mainly APS, but I'll do CRAMs). Just post the specification and I will make it and post the BP and pictures. All will be turreted, unless you have a special case and would like it differently, in which case I may do it. I would greatly enjoy making turrets for campaign vehicles and to help old players get back into the game.

Please provide some credit (just a tiny mention, like "guns made by MizarLuke") if you use these in any designs you post here or show off in videos. Feel free to link this thread if you like, as well.

Required specs for APS:

1. turret well size (diameter and height) A height that is a whole factor of the autoloader length + 1 works best.
2. turret neck size (diameter and height) [please let me do 3x3 or 5x5 if you want armor, since I will mess it up for anything less (currently 2 for 2 for 1m wide turret necks)]
3. gauge and number of barrels (it can just be a general request like "high-gauge" or "high ROF")
4. number of firing pieces
5. general shell type, or the customizer specs if you have it exactly
6. autoloader and clip size (and beltfed, if you want it, or direct input for small guns)
7. mantlet type and barrels (I will default to 3m elevation and 2 bore evacuators seperated by 4m barrels)
8. rail-assist or not (if so, general power limits)
9. required turret base (typically I just go with 3m or 5m if it fits easy)
10. integrated LWC
11. clips or clipless
12. should I attempt a turret cap? [It will mostly just be a simple 5x5x3 (3 being height)]
13. how much can be in the turret cap (typically I go with a 3x3x2 area or whatever width the neck is) Please include one if you have it so I can make the best use of space
14. ejectors [yes or no (if you do want them, I will typically use the emergency defuse, unless it is just a solid shell)]
15. burst fire or continuous (burst fire will be adding extra coolers so it can fire as many shells as there are autloaders, before stopping to reload)
16. recoil absorbtion (yes or no, and if so how much)
17. fuses (typically I go with an inertial fuse on HE and frag shells, if I have the space for it)
18. do you want any armor on the neck and well, and if so how much and what material

Required CRAM Specs:

1. turret well size (diameter and height)
2. turret neck size (diameter and height)
3. gauge (or general estimate
4. damage type (HE, AP, EMP, frag)
5. number of firing pieces
5. fuses (yes or no, and if so what)
6. can I put gauges in the turret cap (will default to yes)
7. should I attempt a turret cap?
8. integrated LWC (I typically don't for CRAMs)
9. turret base size
10. barrel types used (will default to 1 elevation, 1/2 motor driven, 1/4 recoil, 1/4 normal, 1 muzzle flash thingy)

The bolded criteria are necessary, the rest are mostly just extras and I will go with whatever is easier on my end or more effective.
If you already have work done on a cannon system and you would like me to improve on it, I can do that too.

This is at least the third one of these request pages to happen, but the others died as their makers became inactive (Here is one, ARCAGNELL0 went missing. Hopefully the same fate will not happen for this one. Most of my activity will be in the next 2 weeks (March 16- March 30, 2018), however, I will continue working afterwards, if I can.

I will try to get the cannons done within a day or so if I can, but most of the time, especially after the next 2 weeks, it will take longer. I prefer working on small to medium turrets, 3x3x4 to 9x9x12ish, but I can do larger, though it will take longer and be lower priority. I may stop huge projects altogether starting April, 2018.

Requests, their stats, and their BP's and pictures.
I may post some of my own which are fully optimized in order to reduce the number of requests.
(Feel free to use these instead of requesting more).

To possibly save me some effort, I am posting here my small APS test platform, containing fairly small 3x3 and 5x5 base APS with max efficiency for cooldown vs reload. They come with recommended ammo setups behind the turrets and a LWC indicates it comes with a LWC built into the turret.

So far, I have the following:
1400mm CRAM
120mm direct input deck gun
100mm 6-barrel beltfed gatling
225mm 2m 1-barrel
400mm 2m 1-barrel
500mm 2m 1-barrel (comes with gravram Tongue)
500mm 3m 1-barrel

.blueprint   Small Standardized Turrets.blueprint (Size: 88.93 KB / Downloads: 120)
Nomadicus's requests:
5x5x6 (3x3x2 neck) 142.8mm 1m 3-barrel beltfed timed flak firing 266rpm with 3100 power usage from rail boost
5x5x6 (3x3x2 neck) 225mm 2m 3-barrel firing 48rpm with 2700 power usage from rail boost
5x5x10 (3x3x2 neck) 500mm 4m pendepth firing 21.5rpm with 5400 power usage from rail boost
5x5x10 (3x3x2 neck) 100mm 1m 6-barrel beltfed solid/sabot firing 540rpm with 6400 power usage from rail boost
7x7x7 (3x3x3 neck) 360mm 2m ejectored firing 50rpm with 3200 power usage from rail boost
5x5x10 (3x3x2 neck) 2000mm EMP CRAM with 2-barrel varient
7x7x10 (3x3x2 neck) 1900mm 2-barrel EMP CRAM

.blueprint   Cannons for Nomadicus.blueprint (Size: 164.38 KB / Downloads: 107)
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

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