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[v2.16] Structure calculating its CoM?

1.Spawn the blueprint
2.Manipulate the turret
3.It kills FtD

I guess FtD calculates the structure's CoM or something.
The Blueprint and the error log are below.

Attached Files
.blueprint   2000m_turret.blueprint (Size: 52.32 KB / Downloads: 9)
.zip (Size: 49.17 KB / Downloads: 11)

I found the problem, I will try to find a fix.

Fixed for the next release.

The problem was that each SubConstruct has an array attached to it in order to store the blocks projected in the MainArray coordinates system.
That array is only expanding, so a long pole you rotate around will create a very large box, eating several Go of mmeory, which is not good.

I have limited the array size, and when it needs to grow further then another storage type is used (a bit slower, but which consume a lot less memory, so in the end it's faster).

I saw the fix today.
Thanks for that great works!

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