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Pre-armored turret

This turret variant would create a barrier around the circumference of the turret footprint, that has health relative to the volume of the subconstruct and a base armor of 10 times 0.1 the armor of the block with the highest armor value present on the turret.

this means that bigger turrets have more Health but generally the same armor value as smaller ones.

you could couple this with a sheet of metal and get a turret that does not pop as easily.
The armor of the barrier does not stack with the armor of blocks.
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As with what I said on some "more than 4m blocks" thread, I only really disagree because I'm lazy and I don't want to have to retrofit everything.

(That quote made it into someone's signature)
"If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid."-TheMightyJingles.

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Yay. I'm happy.

Blueprint thread:

I think it might be a bit hard to simulate, and it would mess a lot of stuff up in balance, and probably look weird.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

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I disagree with everything this suggestion includes. a standalone shield block with relative capacity mechanics and block to extend range? sure. a single "this wins" piece that is required as is into every design for them to be competitive? oh hell no
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