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Phasia (Gemini retrofit) - any suggest welcome

I need to say this first. this little plane (Gemini) just crashed in my airship, and I captured it by accident in campaign play through.

I think it's not that bad to do some retrofit and I can use it in the future. Tongue

I didn't do any big change to it exterior, but I rebuild entirely inside of it. I used everything that I learned technique to improve it. please feel free to criticize it.

info: (difference/original)
cost: 19860 (-7212)
volume: 1822.25 (+117.7)
block: 1184 (-19)
mass: 516.3 (-39.09)
max speed: 110m/s (+40m/s)

offensive: (difference/original)
2x 80mm APS mount on turret @330 rpm (fixed)
4x 5block active radar explosive missile (infra-red)
4x 6block active radar exp+EMP missile (infra-red)

defensive: (difference/original)
agile and high speed
4x flare
2x flare + radar buoy missile (only flare and using missile intercept)
good offensive I think Big Grin


Attached Files
.blueprint   Phasia.blueprint (Size: 93 KB / Downloads: 22)

This is why they shouldn't crash planes into our ships. It just gives us more planes!
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

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