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Include kinetic damage in the shield reflect%

I believe that AP/Sabot rounds see little use because of the current shield mechanics. As you try and improve your kinetic shell's performance by increasing its velocity, you actually make shields more effective against it. The other shell parameters have no effect, which leads to some weird situations when taken to extremes.

I'm suggesting to including the kinetic damage as a variable in the shield reflect calculations. With the current kinetic damage multipliers from the shell parts, this could lead to the performance of HE based shells remaining where they are, sabot being useful against light shield/heavy armour and AP based shells with a higher chance of getting through a shield outright, but being less effective against armour than sabot.

I have been messing about in Excel but can't quite get a formula I'm happy with. Any further suggestions?

Yeah, I had a similar idea a month or two ago ( was in another shield thread ) - however leave AP out of the calculation, you just literally want the shell kinetic energy. This is somewhat how shields used to work & I think I'd like all shields to work a bit more like the concept of disruption shields, ie they apply a force at an angle to the shell path that deflects it away from the vessel. Which, again, is how things used to be iirc. That would lead to a simple calculation of resulting shell vector, & lighter shells being deflected further than heavy ones. Every shell has fairly significant kinetic damage, btw - this wouldn't be limited to just solid rounds.

Would also mean the return of railguns - but high velocity rounds do have significant requirements & compromises, so that isn't necessarily terrible.
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I cannot be argued to explain why for the umpteenth time right now, but making shield penetration chance dependent on something that scales dramatically with shell size would break APS balance completely.
Allr andask.

So you would rather leave shields in their current state? Everytime I think about designing my ships, I see the Solid/Sabot bodies in the APS menu and wonder why they are even in the game. Shields just spaghetti all over them. To be honest, I can't be bothered anymore, I doubt I'll fire FTD up again.

In short, the issue is that if you base it on kinetic damage, any level that allows a 100mm sabot round a prayer of a chance of penetrating a shield would make 500mm HE treat shields as nonexistent. I support a return to something resembling AP-based penetration, but KD-based penetration would either render 500mm omnipotent or smaller calibers irrelevant. (Especially troubling given that the main shield-penetrating warheads, IFHE and HEAT, are useless at low calibers.)

I fully support changes to shields--I have proposed a few over the past month--see, for example, I dislike this suggestion not because shields are presently in a good state, but because this proposal is catastrophically awful.
Allr andask.

Except it's actually possible to balance the % chance to keep HE based shells at the same place they already are. And if you check the KD multiplier of a sabot round, it's only slightly more than a HE part. My suggestion isn't just a KD based formula, but a KD/Velocity formula. And your suggestion doesn't even touch on my issue of AP based shells being worthless.

Green demanded that I post or he would explode, so here it is.

Just use them with disrupter conduit shells and they can. Be pretty effective.
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Can you advise test units with faction+unit name which are extremely well shielded?
I usually attack with every damage type (except HE) which ammo-using weapons can do, and the WF/Perforator was cut in half.
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

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(2018-02-26, 03:14 PM)Normal69 Wrote: Can you advise test units with faction+unit name which are extremely well shielded?
I usually attack with every damage type (except HE) which ammo-using weapons can do, and the WF/Perforator was cut in half.

SS Thyr from what I've heard
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


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