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Include kinetic damage in the shield reflect%

I believe that AP/Sabot rounds see little use because of the current shield mechanics. As you try and improve your kinetic shell's performance by increasing its velocity, you actually make shields more effective against it. The other shell parameters have no effect, which leads to some weird situations when taken to extremes.

I'm suggesting to including the kinetic damage as a variable in the shield reflect calculations. With the current kinetic damage multipliers from the shell parts, this could lead to the performance of HE based shells remaining where they are, sabot being useful against light shield/heavy armour and AP based shells with a higher chance of getting through a shield outright, but being less effective against armour than sabot.

I have been messing about in Excel but can't quite get a formula I'm happy with. Any further suggestions?

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Include kinetic damage in the shield reflect% - by Liondrome - 2018-02-24, 07:29 PM

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