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More Specific Propulsion Game Constant Sliders

Could we please get sliders in the game constants menu that tweak specific propulsion and lift components? All we have now is one blanket propulsion slider and as someone attempting to create tailored settings for a custom campaign, this makes it much more difficult to shape gameplay as I see fit. Some sliders for specific weapon systems' damage would be nice but are less necessary in my opinion.

A quick list of propulsion and lift components I'd like to see get their own sliders (not in any particular order):

  1. Helium pumps
  2. Dediblades
  3. Simple Jets
  4. Custom Jets
  5. Water Propellers
  6. Wing parts (ailerons, tailplanes, elevators, etc)
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More Specific Propulsion Game Constant Sliders - by Pathos The Kosmonaut - 2018-02-24, 03:14 AM

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