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v2.16 [all branches]

(2018-03-28, 10:02 AM)Gladyon Wrote:
(2018-03-28, 07:57 AM)harnas1977 Wrote: I'd like to repot a bug with hologram projector on both Linux and Mac versions of the game.
Projections load up 50% of the time at best. After loading a blueprint some load right away, some after some time, some don't at all in seemingly random way. Projections that fail to load are replaced with a red "?" symbol.
Setting path to internet source (http: ) or local (file: ) does not change this behaviour.

Btw, as I am running a tournament I'd like to do some kind of workaround to at least improve the looks of the vehicles. Is it possible to replace the red "?" with a fully invisible texture or something less visible?

Best place to report a bug is in the bugs section.
I created a bug report here and I have answered it.

Thanks for the quick reply. I make sure to post bugs there next time.
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