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[DWG] Heron (Medium Fighter)

[Image: M78uxPa.jpg]
[Image: xgZAirL.jpg]
[Image: LQkbd3q.jpg]
[Image: IqwAJhf.jpg]
2 146mm advanced cannons firing timed 180 frag
8 Single explosive warhead missiles
1 Dual autocannon turret

(I await the day when unmodded armored glass is implemented)

Attached Files
.blueprint   Heron.blueprint (Size: 104.66 KB / Downloads: 14)

Arent DWG submissions closed... for year or two already ?

Though it looks good

Hello askrub.

As Mrvecz accurately stated, submissions are closed for DWG, it is unlikely your plane will make into the campaign, sorry.

With that said, I reviewed your aircraft and took the time to make the modifications that would make it a campaign compliant craft.

It's an alright build, your typical attack plane, it is functional, but also has problems, like the AI in the nose, it dies at the slightest boop on the snoot, which is why I moved the mainframe further to the back. I added PID's to smooth out the janky movements, a water take off card and balloon to recover from a crash, added an intra-vehicle transmitter and wireless snooper to the AI suite, added an extra extension to the heart stone to cover the block count, added more fuel, ammo processors, set proper resource sharing, replaced the radars by visual cameras, and added a door to the cockpit.

It does the same job as the Gotha, but has zero rearward firepower, so it is not shooting half the time, when it retreats to attack again. This is a handicap for a craft that flies so slowly.

Otherwise, not too bad.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Heron.blueprint (Size: 92.07 KB / Downloads: 10)

Yeah, but I wanted to at least try

First of all with the changed you made, I can *now* imagine the AI getting destroyed by a single missile
And yeah no idea how i didn't spot it but the heartstone needs a extension

Second, the comment on it being a worse gotha is a bit wrong, the gotha as far as I know is a anti ship plane, while the heron is a anti plane... plane (bit like anti missile missile but bigger)
Maybe HE would work better but I like covering the enemy in fragments
The reason I have the "Distance beyond which we being attack run" at 1000 is because its not very agile but it could be moved down to 800 or 600

Thanks for the review even if it was a bit bad (was about to click post reply, i meant the plane not the review xd)

Edit: And it was at 2000, not 1000 definitely lowering that, my bad

Updated version

Attached Files
.blueprint   Heron.blueprint (Size: 105.79 KB / Downloads: 9)

Hmmph, you are quite persistent, even though it wont help here.

You will be better of looking for some custom campaign, since they have the opposite problem of Neter, they dont have enough of units.

Anything I can chuck into my custom Neter I'm happy to take!

nice plane!
Imperium Age of Sail Campaign Custom Campaign Dev Idea

Check it out here!

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