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Sails and light block

I think it's time we show sail ships some love. Would love to see sail customization.

1. Being able to color sails by coloring the sail main block.

2. By pressing q on a sail main block we. Could select the sail texture (options being the old school style, clean sails, and eastern style sails with bamboo poles in the sail.)

Lastly the light block. I love and hate this block. Please make an option to make this block totally invisible outside of the build menu! I love the customization this block allows but the ugly distortion ruins the immersion

Those are my humble suggestions


Or be able to colour light blocks?

It would be nice if there could be texture mods which actually display in multiplayer.

For sails I would like skin and nanofiber too. Wink
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Yes please, making light blocks the color of glass, or even completely invisible would be very nice. The sails would be good for things like the various Age of Sail CCs
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I totally agree to the sails coloring and texture.
This should be a simple change. Enough of this mandatory rag-sails!
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I agree with everything this suggests, as someone who makes many realistic sailships the rag sails are an eyesore, so be able to have white sails (Or any other colour)would be great.
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