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Episode 3

Sure thing Smile
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hey with the Ep.4 (maybe) being custom jet engines. Why not my Penguin: ?
Saraba Chikyuu Yo, Tabida-tsu fune wa~ Uchuu Senkan, Ya-ma-to!
(Translation: Farewell, Earth, the ship that is departing is the Space Battleship Yamato)

Please do custom jets! There are very few details on them.
"I don't have to reinvent the wheel because you can teach me how it works."
"I tried being normal, but it got boring, so I went back to being me."
PS: Please make all keys in FTD remappable. Remappable while in game would be even better.

is the podcast series scrapped?

plz no
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad - anonymous

Don't believe everything you think - anounymous

(2016-08-03, 06:21 AM)Bullet-Not-Proof Wrote: is the podcast series scrapped?

plz no

This is 2 years old topic

Pls bring it back. It was actually pretty neat when you did it.
This music isn't heavy enough. I can still make out the instruments.

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