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Docking Ports and Origin Blocks

Im trying to make a Fortress that works kind of like an Airfield. which means it is like a Mothership that is defended by its drones which are supported with ammo and energy from the Fortress.

the question i have now is: where do i preferably place my dockingports and where the Origin Block on the drone craft?

What i Tried and didnt work well for me was the Origin Block (in build Direction) in the Bottom of the Drone and the Dockingport facing upwards under the "Floor". I couldnt get the craft facing reliably in the direction i wanted it to face and if i let it go an redocked the drone it often faced in another direction (up to about 20° difference).

So how does it work best and could it be that it isnt ment to be reliably ?

I don't think the origin blocks (the ones you place) have much of a use. But you can change the angle craft sit at in the docking beams through the Q menu on them.

(2018-02-13, 04:03 PM)Captain_Fox Wrote: But you can change the angle craft sit at in the docking beams through the Q menu on them.

yes I know that but for me it work bad, and with the same imputs on elevation angle i get different results while docking the same drone several times Sad

The origin block is meant for precisely positioning a sub-vehicle in relation to a mothership instead of using its center of mass as normal. It can also be used to spawn a ship with a very high CoM closer to the water's surface by placing it below the CoM, which will prevent it from popping up out of the water from buoyancy.

For the docking station not reliably holding units at the right angle, try turning the AI to ON instead of COMBAT. Thrusters on a docked unit can still work and may be overpowering the docking station's hold.

I've had the same problem of the angle not being constant, AI turned off. It is quite annoying, since an improper angle can mean it collides with my ship on takeoff.
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