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MizarLuke's Easy Three Conquest (And LH, Because They are Bullies)

Alright, I've given in, I'll share my campaign with ya'll.

I've started a new campaign, fed up with the difficulty of my other ones and the lag of large forces.

The settings: 1 difficulty modifier, max growth, max resource, 1.5 design difficulty.
100% detection, centralised resources.

The strategy: I started off the campaign by declaring war on the first three factions you usually face: DWG, OW, and WF. Hence the name.    

I will prioritize using aircraft, particularly bombers, because it fits in with my faction (PRC), and I like using CRAM bombers, especially against OW.

Because my current computer=potato, I will likely stop after the first 3 factions, maybe taking out LH since they will fight me once I finish off WF.

Starting Fortress:
I used a premade "basic" starting fortress, no weapons, some aesthetics, etc. I gave it 8 missiles and a 1000mm CRAM turret. I also gave it a small laser because I felt like it, not much damage per second, plenty AP.    

Mobile Forces:
1 fleet consisting of 1 small fighter and 2 helibombers and a light bomber

1 fleet of a sigle armored hoverdestroyer

I start out by sending the first fleet to the tile to the North. I encounter 3 hoplites (light balloon bomber) and 1 monkey barrel (medium helibomber). They are low altitude bombers, I have a fighter and high altitude bombers. I win. '

I then go East (Northeast of the starting fortress) and encounter 2 Corsairs. I flee, because Corsairs are quite strong in DPS and my bombers have literally just a 4m wood slope or ERA slope protecting the massive ammo storage. They catch me (my bombers are slow) and a fight ensues. I spawn my fighter extra low so it hopefully takes more fire. Its missiles do more than its share of the damage, but the bombers guided bombs do the rest, taking the Corsairs down with no damage taken.        

I return home because of an approaching fleet from the nearby gantry: an Atlas Retrofit and 2 Sky Vipers. I draw them to my base and engage them with all my forces. (I haven't spawned in my light bomber plane yet) I win with minimal damage to my fortress and fighter, and capture the enemy Atlas Retrofit at about 70% health.     I scrap it and gain 17k materials, enough to now get a bomber.

I spawn a new Pigeon Class Light Bomber, remove its inertial fuses (no DWG stuff has shields until later), and send it East. It is my fastest unit at 101m/s. I encounter a Swordfish and, despite it being an aircraft, engage it with my bomber. The first attack run misses, and the second one blows off the back half.     As I fly away and get ready for another run, it is too damaged and starts despawning.     I send my bomber to space, just for fun.    

I return the fleet home, then go north and draw 2 squares to head to my fortress and armed forces. One contained a baby paddlegun, the other one had 2 shurikens.        

If you would prefer I put in the pictures in a way other than attachments, let me know, and tell me how, since I have no clue how to do it.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

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